Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Geddit, I Have To Die, Thank You

WHATEVER I fucking do is always fucking WRONG to my mother.


Now I did what..?

Talked to my mother's colleague's son (let's call him MH) about his sis who found a rather...errr...untypical boyfriend. And that boy told his mommy right away about this. AND that woman is fucking pissed off at MY mother which is fucking pissed off at ME.

"I lost *her* cuz of YOU!!!!"
"Why? O_o" *wonders WTD is up*
"She is now hysterical & paranoid that everyone knows about her daughter's bf! That it's spreading around! You could do nothing better than talking to MH about that?!?! Are you outta your mind???!!!"
"O_o What's wrong at talking to my friend about his sis whom I know..?"

WTF ar.
My mother is literally asslicking that woman just cuz she's influental in mother's company. They're friends, but I think my mother is being a hypocrite cuz at home she utters nasty stuffs about her AND then she goes to Pilates with her. AIYOOOH.

Maybe I hould just die & stop destroying your life, shall I?!?! >_< Hija de puta.

Listening to: "Oh Mother" by Christina Aguilera. Such irony. Listening to *that* when I'm pissed off at my mother and vice versa...
Yay!: Friday tmr. Mmmmmm!
Grrr: Read the post. Arrrgh.

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