Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's official that NOBODY reads this blog

I've just replied to the email from Limkokwing and invited my friend for another friend's dance exhibition today and checked out my profile at (nick: Mushu) and now.... I'm BORED.
Not that there aren't things to do.
There are.
For example I should:

  • tide up my room
  • make that freaky homework for the TOEFL prep course
  • paint/draw
  • put away the summer clothes into and tide up the winter ones
  • start studying the Society Studies
  • go to Aupark and buy those eyeshadows (I need some strong eyeshadows cuz of the hostessing job)

And look at this:


Average Per Day0
Average Visit Length4:36
Last Hour0
This Week2


Average Per Day0
Average Per Visit1.5
Last Hour0
This Week3

Me is SAD, SAD, SAD.
Am I that boring?! =_=

Okay, whatever.

Listening to: SG Wannabe
Yay!: I'm gonna check out Ali's dance exhibition today :))
Grrr: Nothing to do la. Waaah. =_=

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