Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's Been Hard 3 Days' Nights

3 days on events to attend in a row, 3 days of speaking English to the top managers AND 3 days of salivating at the catering which I mostly couldn't eat (except of yesterday when I had like 54 sushis, smoked salmon AND strawberries, melons & bananas in chocolate!!! YEAAHHH!!!!).

Me got just 3 pics, but take a look anyways:

{ABOVE} Day 1 of the ETNO conference - Crowne Plaza 4*, Bratislava. Me in the aluminium-like dress in which I look like a fat aluminium, don't I? :P

{ABOVE} ETNO Day 2, wine restaurant Matysak, Pezinok - my make-up by Alena Schulczova made me look like a big-eyed, Slovak girlie from the hills! Hahahaha!!!! :D Cute!

{ABOVE} ETNO Day 2, Pezinok - the "kroj"!!!! That's our traditional Slovak clothing. This isn't too Slovak to be honest, it's custom-made for my agency in the T-Com's brand colors BUT it's Slovak enough, at least for the foreign top managers...hahah.. That magenta pink thing looks kind of Austrian actully,'s nice anyways!!! :D The only minus of it was its size, cuz it was like 4 sizes smaller than me & I could barely breath in it. XD

But HERE are some traditional Slovak krojs! ^^

Very colorful, isn't it. :)
This is the Wikistub about krojs:

From a promotional brochure from the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library ( Kroje (pronounced "kroy-eh") are folk costumes worn by Czechs and Slovaks. Gothic influence is seen in tying shawls and kerchiefs on the head. Fine pleats and gathered lace collars typlify the Renaissance era. From Baroque bell-shaped skirts to delicate oriental patterns borrowed from Turkish invaders these folk costumes show the complex growth of a proud people.

My grandma had many krojs, then she borrowed to some traditional Slovak dance group so now they're there. I look a bit absurd in a kroj with my quarter Korean face, but otherways I like wearing it, cuz it makes me feel so freaky and...Slovak. :P

Waaah. I have to meet up with my girl friends on 4.45pm and it's 3.05pm....soon I'll have to civilize myself! BYEBYE for now!!! ^__^

Listening to: "Too Funky" by George Michael
Yay!: 2450Sk which I earned by myself AND the weekend!!! And musical for free at Arena theatre tmr!!! ^___^
Grrr: Society Studies test on Monday. Ah yay. =_=


Anneesa said...


1) You look hot in the dress! You don't look your age!! That's always good. Esp when you're young. Hahahah.

2) I like the make-up. Big round eyes always have a way with the men!

3) Could you breathe in that traditional outfit? LOL.



Lynnie said...

OMP!!!Sayangku wife looks soooo very the CANTIK make-up and MAGENTA PINK THING is so oh so pretty too!!!Kesian la my wife!!!

Wife has done HELL-NO KITTY-NESS very proud!!! ;) Wahahahaha!!!


munie said...

very cute!!! :D:D:d *HUGGGGGSSS*

Princess Mich said...


AIYAAAAH!!!!! Thanks a lot la for the compliments, all three of you!!! *blushes & fans herself with glittery itik bulus* ^____^ I miss you all....soon I'll come duckline, I poopromise...I was SOO busy recently, sorry ah! :S


Ilkka said...

Woohoo! My beautiful and hot baibee! Duck on!

SebThePleb said...

hmmm interesting... Im taking an interest in blogspot now so expect comments from me spotaneously!