Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Two Lost Bets + *HIS* 18th B'Day + Singapooporean B'Day Boy Sayang Wallie!!!

PINK template!!!! Yes, I'm an AH LIAN!!!!! *corrects her pink glittery lipgloss and fines her fake glittery baby blue nails with Hell-No Kitty stickers somemore* <--- Nonooo, this is just a fiction, I'm not like THAT!~ O_O

Too much lime green in my life, I tell ya.
It's like everyone's fav color now & everyone (incl. myself.. Duh. -_-) is crazy over the MOJITO.

And WTD, even the current interior design is all about the contrasts of "pure white & the crisp, fresh lime green". I saw it the August's issue of the French design/architecture mag IDEAT, I'm not making it up! :P
UJ wears his lime green Lacoste polo t-shirt. I wear my lime green whatever-brand-from-P&C t-shirt. PD as well. And my Blogger template was lime green. Very emmbarrasing & tiring.

I'm in the need of more black clothes cuz I feel a certain overdose of bright colors. -_-'''
Well, I bought that long V-neck black t-shirt and that long-sleeved black pullover recently, but I feel like it's not enough - I'd like to have some black pants too, preferrably with soft vertical stripes...that'd be so nice! ^^ Very business-like too, I know. But I love this kinda elegance.

We have two BDAY BOYS. Erm, considering my ducky-themed life - two BDAY DUCKS!!!

Ilkka (Oct 4th) & Wallie (Oct 3rd). ^_^


I wish you both HEAPS of happiness, love, success in all areas of your lives, lots of beautiful times, no sorrow, no misery, no poverty, no tears spilt, no kicks to bontot feathers earned - I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FROM DA BEST!!!!!!!!!

Be happy, always.


The gifts will eventually come - but only in case I finally manage to remember that I have to buy new thick envelopes. -_- Sorry la, my darlings! :S

I lost two extremely IQ-less bets today. *bang head on the table*

The bet No. 1's punishment: Kiss Erik on his cheek.
CHECK. His cheek is a very soft one. XD Wahahhahahha!!!! I know I'm really B. O. D. O. H. but know what?! I liked it!!! Kissing on cheek is such a beautiful activity!!!! XD

The bet No. 2's punishment: Kiss one of Mato's from our class (UJ or the other one) on the lips.
I HAVE TO DO IT TMR. *jumps off the window*
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! On the LIPS!!!! Geddit?!?! Lips??!!!! AIYOOOOHHHHH TOLONG AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! @___@ Me dun wannaaaaaa!!!! TT____TT
Anyways la, I'm picking the ther Mato, not UJ, cuz I can't imagine giving him the peck on his lips. Blleeaaaurghh. Sorry UJ, but really. You. Are. Not. My Stuff. even though I really like you, but still. WTP ar. The other Mato is "the smaller evil" as we say here for the bad option which is still better than the other bad one. :P Hahahah.

Oooohhh. O_o
Is it 11.41pm liao?
Originally I wanted to blog something sensible, but I think I'll just go to bed instead. -_- Yesterday I went to bed at 1am and couldn't fall asleep for the next 2 hours AND had to wake up at you can imagine how fresh was I today. =_=

Nights!~! :)

Listening to: "Void In My Life" by Chamillionaire. Me likes hip hop. Hihihi.
Yay!: Ehm. Dunno what. Maybe that I survived? :P
Grrr: Those bets...oh noooo..... -_-


Ilkka said...

Thanks a lot baibee!^^
Laav juu fetherli tuu oolweis! :]

Princess Mich said...

No poolem la mai deer!!!! ^___^
Aj laav juu tuu ent FOREVRRR!!!!