Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Into The Blue ^.^

I just had another lovely day with UJ & Dodda. ^_____^

I was so pissed off in the morning....and miraculously changed into a really good, cheerful mood & felt like hugging everyone.
Oh, these hormonal rollercoasters.

After school me & Dodda went to the downtown cuz I had to pay the fine for Li Hong and Dodda needed to go to British Council and complain about the shitty classes. After that we bought icecream (me cinnamon, Dodda chocolate & nuts) and waited for UJ to come to the Hviezdoslav's Square from where we went to Aupark.

On feet in the beautiful golden autumn light. :)
Across Danube at the re-painted bridge with the deep river flowing under our feet. :)
With the crisp, chilly wind ragging our hair. :)

And in Aupark I bought the.........

ESCADA INTO THE BLUE 30ml!!!! ^_____________^

It's LOVELY. ^___^

Oh gosh.
I'm just talking about UJ with DD & Mike. Those two are my friends & classmates.
I'm kinda terrified cuz things lead to one thing - UJ does have feelings for me. @_@
Cannot tahan.

I'm gonna continue my chat with Mike....know what he told me....

Me: "I don't have any bf, I think my requirements are too crazy.."
Mike: "Well, I think it's the opposite, I think that the one wanting you would have such crazy requirements.."

Such a sweet compliment. ^_^
With that (and UJ's madness) on my mind I go take a shower....tomorrow's another day of my hostessing AND I'm gonna wear my new Benetton jeans too...YEAH!!! ^_____^

Listening to: the Cruel Intentions OST
Yay!: That perfume...mmmm....
Grrr: Waaah. This UJ!!!! WTF!!! Could he please VOICE IT OUT?!

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