Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tram Dreams

The night of 2 days ago I had an interesting dream - I was in the tram and there came that 'controller' or whoever (the one who fines you if you don't have the ticket) AND fined me cuz yes, I didn't have the ticket.

Today I went to Panta Rhei bookstore, opened up a random book with dream meanings and read:

Tram - indicates that you didn't do something very important what you were supposed to do

I wonder if THAT could be those TWO English essays I'm writing now (on different topics) AND all those two months of laziness instead of studying and drawing....??!!

I'm a hopeless case of an idiot.

Listening to: "Coffee & TV" by Blur
Yay!: Me had a nice seaweed soup today. Yum.
Grrr: It's SO LATE. 11.15pm. And I don't have anything done yet cuz I was lazying around in the downtown. KNN. @_@

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