Monday, October 16, 2006

Being A Hostess

I'm richer by 600Skk!!!! ^______________^ *dances around & flashes Armani thong*
And by Thursday I'll be richer by at least 800Skk BUT hopefully by 1000!!!! MMMMM!!!!

No more money talking.

What's more interesting is that I was hostessing at the premiere of Gustav Husak (the last socialist president) play in the theatre Arena and as the whole evening was held in a USSR/Czechoslovakia socialisistic theme, all us hostesses were dressed up as the real socialist youth.

All complete with armpit-reaching dark blue A-shape skirt, bright blue awful shirt & menstrually-bloody-red tie.
Mmmmmm. SEXY!!!! XD

We even had the make-up artist for us there!!! ^_^
Because we 'were' in the communist era, we had to have the communist make-up too.
So I ended up with - behold - GLITTERY ICY BRIGHT BLUE EYESHADOW, ICY BLUE EYELINER under the lower eyelashes and ICY BLUE MASCARA on the lower eyelashes as well. And BLACK one on the upper ones.
Oh yes, and I had like 56m of make-up on my poor face, PINK CHEEKS and PINK LIPS.

Can die only. XD

What's more than surprising - I look quite good with those unbelievaboobly ah lian-ish icy blue eye shadows! O_o
Not my style, still. @_@
Eeeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!! O_o

Mmmm. Anyways la.
The next hostessing thingee is on Thursday in one MEGA-EXTRA-BLOODY-QUACKY SNOBBISH place called "Castle Studene" and I'm really looking forward to it, cuz again, we're gonna have costumes, make-up artist, good catering & nice salary. 100Skk/hour = FABOLOUS!!!! *____*

Off I go liao. The...err....the make-up remover is calling. =_=

Listening to: "Why You Wanna" by T. I.
Yay!: 600Skk! New friends! New skills learnt!
Grrr: Nothing much. :)

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Ilkka said...

Wahahahahah :P Sexai make-up baibee! ;)