Sunday, October 15, 2006


You know what I did just now?????


I went to Raymond's Friendster profile.

Now I wonder if it's good or bad that all I felt while looking at his profile was:

a) Oh man, I envy him being at such a beautiful place! I ALSO WANNA!!!!!!! *stares at photos of him on some beyond-beautiful island*

b) "It's complicated" status? Ohohohoo! Who's the (un? Teheheheeee~)lucky girl? :P

c) Aaaah, maybe this one..? *stares at the pic of Ray & some ang moh girl Chloe*

Then I logged out of Friendster cuz this little activity was pretty psychically draining. Heh. And I forgot to reply to Sofia's message....oooopsss.... :S

Anyways la.
I'm back from Piestany, it's 6.43pm and I still have to:

  • learn Philosophy (Society Studies) for tmr's test (EEEEKKKK!!!!!)
  • write an essay on I-don't-remember-what-topic in 30 mins for the TOEFL prep course
  • edit that stupid thing in AP (OH NO!!!!)
  • dye my mother's hair
And not freeze as well.

It's so DAMN COLD here, I'm literally freezing. Soon I'll be an icicle, you BET. O_O My feet & hands are as cold as the air outside and I'm wearing warm socks and I'm in my room!!!!
I really don't understand why couldn't I stay in KL when I had the (hypothetical) possibility to. =_= XD
Well, but then I would have no fun this summer with Ali, UJ, DD and all the gang.....MY MAD SAYANGS!!!!! *squeals lovingly*
On the other hand I'd have the fun with Sofia, Munie, Teresa, Chris & blahblahblah whoever, maybe even with some sexy, hot, hunky Korean with deep warm eyes and broad shoulders. *sighs orgasmically*
Mmmmmm, YUMMYLICIOUS. ^____^v

AIYOOOOOH, 6.49pm and it's DARK outside liao.
Summer, come back to meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess I should go off liao and start doing what I HAVE TO do. =_= What's the priority?
The essay, the hair, the AP thing or the Society Studies?

I guess....

1. The AP thing
2. The Society Studies
3. The essay
4. The hair


Listening to: "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone
Yay: You can't imagine how beautiful it is to shave off 5km long leg hairs. *_* I'm feeling like a HUMAN!!!! Whohohoooo!!!!
Grrr: Why am I so busy this year?! @_@

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