Monday, March 05, 2007

Cannot Tahan

Thank you, hubooby & Herman for talking to me even though I have a "DON'T talk to me." thingy written on MSN.

I owe you so much. ^_^

....and I hate Maths anyways.

I bought the Muskmelon Milkis by LOTTE recently in the "Foreign Food" TESCO section. It's a Korean drink (and the only Korean drink available here T_T) and I'm really turned off by the supposed MILK in it (I *HATE* milk) but still I wanna try it! AAAAAHHH!!!

*takes a sip*

Not THAT bad la.
But not THAT good also.

I can't take my mind off the MILK there. @_@

Very stupid entry, right. Byebye!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some may consider you slightly mad!
Well I don't and you are justified to HATE milk! Even Korean milk! lol. Maths sucks... I agree... I had a similar experience with the extra maths. :O.

Anyway! Enjoy your holidays!