Friday, March 30, 2007

Letter To Ex-Bf

Hello Ex-Bf*,

I've finally found the right mood to reply to both your letters and your e-mail. Thanks for the bday wish! I won't be blahblahing around here, it's late and tomorrow I have a busy day and I really don't fancy looking and feeling like a zombie.

You were talking about yourself "hating things being like this between us" and about many things from which I understood that you still sort of like me *that* way.'s this issue about?
And what "THINGS" between us do you mean?!
I offered you my friendship and you had ignored it, saying, "friends just doesn't say anything". I'm quoting your own letter now! ;)
I can't possibly get back to you or anything. You're far away and I'm tired of long-distance relationships, I'm busy and concentrating on my graduation, the portfolios and TOEFL and most importantly, I'm over us.

Am I being too harsh & straightforward here?
Well, sorry, you know I've always been like this.

From your letters & your emails I've gotten the feeling that you haven't changed a damn single bit. Don't ask me for details, it's just the feeling I have and which I can't describe coherently.
And please, this is just a stupid irrelevant detail, but I don't like getting letters without any greetings.

Hmmm...what about me & guys? Why do you mind me "seeing other guys"? Boy, even my own mother may mind it, I still wouldn't care.
I'm still single but I am really liking one guy now. He doesn't fit into my former preferences at all, he's reddish blonde, got blue eyes and he's probably a cocky, arrogant and super cute and lovable tennis this is a challenge!

See? My mind is just on so many other things. Thank you for all those beautiful times and everything, thank you for the best holiday ever and maybe we'll see each other in September, if Limkokwing accepts me. I'm applying for La Salle as well but I am afraid I've missed on the scholarship deadline and no scholarship to LS = no LS cuz it's expensive like fuck.

Oh you still accept a gf of yours to pay for you?!
Do you still whine at your empty wallet?
Aiyah, that sucks, if you do. Learn not to do that before you step into another relationship, cuz most of girls aren't as patient, compassionate and impulsive with money as I was; in fact, most of them would just walk away from you right away thinking that "gentleman" is an unknown word to you.

I know this letter is full of nasty things & I didn't feel great writing it but leaving this issue unfinised would be nasty too. Sorry. Life's a bitch, as they say!

Take care!

He would oh so hate me for putting this on my blog! MUAHAHA! He had always talked shit about how I dare to blog about things that had something to do with our r'ship.....idiot, WTD. My life, my blog!

And I'm such a bitch, right? @_@ :P

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Scott said...

that was pretty harsh. but i like it. ;)