Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Super Shocking Saturday Continues

In my previous entry I've quacked about how weird life had been in Saturday and how many shocking things had I gotten to known then.

Whew, this was a difficult grammar and I'm SURE it's all wrong!

Now, sit down.

Pom called me two times, once on March 17, then on March 18, both in weird and very late times. I thought he wanted to congratulate me but as he had been calling in such stupid times, I SMSed him, saying that next time he calls me, he'd better check out the local time here cuz I actually also need some sleep.

Yesterday at 1.11am (I remember it precisely) I woke up on the annoying sound of my cellphone announcing an SMS.
I got up, took my mobile phone and with very sleepy eyes opened it. And to my utter horror, I read:

"Mich, u know why I wasted ur bedtime n woku u up, my mom is dead, she died last saturday night, i've nobody, God is not fair he took my family T_T"

O_O @_@
I still can't get over this. And then, poor Pom! If *I* can't get over this, what about HIM?! Fuck, I so wanna be with him but I can't. T_T

What's with this year?! O_o
Everything is so sad & weird. Like my Bruneian friend's possible diagnosis or like Pom's loss.
Everything is also so happy & weird. Like Peng coming back or me getting to know one crunchy yummy guy whom I call Doggy cuz he looks like a cute Golden Retriever puppy. ^^

About this later, thought.

I'm sooo sorry, dear Pom. T_T

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