Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Okay, I came home from an unexpected theatre premiere of one contemporary Slovak play, I was there with my father and 'our' balcony was also occupied by the Slovak president & the first lady, the governor of the Slovak national bank and his wife, the president's bodyguard and another two, probably important, people.

I felt REALLY underdressed cuz I was wearing my terracota brown corduroy pants, the red long top, the polka dot top and my white shoes. CORDUROY to the theatre premiere with the president and all these important people.
Luckily they didn't give a flying duck about me so it was no faux pas (hopefully).

Well, and the GD dude?

He said that I draw good portraits and that there *is* something but if I came to the exams with a portfolio like this, I wouldn't have passed cuz it's not about GD at all.
A good sign is, that he wants to meet up with me again in about 6 weeks.
I like this, because he is known for yelling at students that they suck and etc., so the fact that he even wants to see me must mean something good.

What I find rather idiotic is that me, a grammar school person interested in studying GD is asked to build a GD portfolio! He told me to design some posters, logos and etc. and show it to him. Amazing.

Blahblahblah. More on this logic lacking AFAD thing later.

I'm enroling to Limkokwing now! HUHUHUHUUU!!!! :D

It's 1am liao, I know.......I'd better enrol quackly and go to bed. :)

G'Nite! ^_^

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小 Kafka said...

i used to live 10 mins away (by foot) from limkokwing back in malaysia but i heard they've moved to cyberjaya or some backwater place.

if accepted, when are you going to pop over to KL? you may have told me before but my memory is comparable to a goldfish so...