Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Are The Odds...

...of Doggy living on a street to where I went with Haku for a walk twice 2 days ago AND I was standing in front of Doggy's house, not suspecting anything, for good 5 mins cuz Haku was strangely attracted to it? I see the beginning of this street from my window, btw.

...of learning from Doggy himself that me & him went to the same primary school & were taught by the same teacher?

My life is just SO absurd. :D ^^;;;;

I must do something about this..... I think I do want him, maybe I'm attracted to him cuz he's so diligent & hard-working and introverted....sounds like my opposite, hahaha...! Either way, he's a nice guy, although he's strangely paranoid about people knowing where he lives. :P Maybe it's cuz of his famous father who won the men's singles Gold Medal at the Olympics 1988?

He should be thankful that I'm no tennis freak! If this case was my case, he would be afraid of his life. XD

Please, even if you know whom I'm talking about, don't say his name aloud here! @_@

Anyways, what's new?
We're writing written graduations now. Yesterday was the mother tongue essay, today was nothing and tomorrow will be English. It's annoying...especially the fact that I MUST be there at 7.45am and I MUSTN'T be late!!!! If I'm late, they won't allow me to enter the class and I'll have to write it later. Pain in the ass. @_@

Well, what else?
I have an event to attend as hostess on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it cuz a little financial injection is exactly what I need now. Then I can pay up the framers' and finally give my cousin the aquarel. Whoops, I'm more than one month late, ain't that kool. -_- :P

Today I went to the fitness to take with the schedules and prices. It's kool! On Saturday evening they offer one hour long Body Dance, during the week they offer Body Complet, Fitball and etc.! ^^
I'm feeling like the laziest glutton ever and I can't stand it anymore. As soon as my cold is gone, I'll go exercise and move my fat ass around. :)

Alright! I'm going to make one poster now cuz I have a kool tennis (haha, yes) idea in my mind. :)

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