Saturday, March 24, 2007

Flirt Or Not & The 360 Degree Change Of My Standard On Guys

I was SMSing with my boy friend Em today.

Me: "Hey you! Whaddya doin? :D"

Him: "I'm sitting in a cafe at the XY street thinking of you. ;) And you? :)"

Me: "I'm sitting in a cafe at the XX street thinking of sexy, blond and arrogant tennis players! :D"

Him: "Sob....and I can play tennis! :D"

Me: "BUT! You're not blonde!"

Him: "So I'll bleach my hair! :D"

Amazing. Kucci says he was just joking, but I wouldn't be so sure. He had invited me over for a coffee twice but it never worked out (not that I mind it). :P

Anyways, today I've talked to Doggy and he has replied to my msg on one stupid Slovak website a la Friendster where we both have profiles.
I've lost all my motivation for schooling as he's not gonna attend school regularly anymore cuz of his trainings. -_- NO MORE VISUAL PARADISE ON MATHS. Sigh. @_@ T_T :D

I am such a stupid 14 year old BSB fan. Hahahahaha. OK, I'm not, but I'm behaving like one. Very primitive. -_-

Anyways, Doggy has replied to that msg, so I've replied to him as well, caressing his ego (as you men like it). I typed there something playful along the lines of hoping to see him at Roland Garros next year and asking him where is he in the ranking of junior players and also I've offered to bring him some notes from the school if he wants as we're practically neighbours.

I'm so proud on that msg. XD
I let go of my pride and behaved like a stupid chick and now I'm testing BET he'll be glad. XD Poor boy, he doesn't know he's the only and the most important part of my test. :P

All this leads me to one thing.
My cousin was SO RIGHT when she said 6 years ago:

"You know, it's like, now you like guys who are similar to you and later on, you'll find out that you go for your complete opposites in whichever aspects."

I didn't believe her. Now I do. :P

My former standard on guys meant dark hair, dark eyes, Asians preferred and well, if the guy had to be an angmoh, I preferred an exotic look as well. I'd prefer sexy archs & designers with a lovely personality. Think Lee Min-Hyung in Winter Sonata.

And now?

I TOTALLY go for arrogant tennis players with blonde/reddish hair with blue or green eyes. OMD!!!! XD Think Doggy or Andy Roddick, Kucci's eternal love. :P


My cousin was oh so right. XD

I'd better go to bed right now, it's 1.14am, and I'm sooooooooo tired! *yawns*

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