Monday, March 19, 2007

The Super Shocking Saturday

I have to have my mud mask on for 20 mins and because it's over 12.30am, I shall write quackly cuz I AM TIRED.
There were many amazing and absurd things happening during this weekend, but I'd like to highlight the Saturday.

I've gotten to know three shocking things.

The first one - my friend quit her Fashion Design course and she's going for Tourism instead. O_o WOW! That was a BIG shock for me, cuz before she sooo wanted to do this FD!

The second one - MY FRIEND MIGHT HAVE THE BRAIN TUMOR. I'm so fucking scared of her. I'm as 'religious' as my mousepad but I am SO GONNA PRAY FOR HER. @_@ I'm so scared!!!!!! Oh godness.


It's enough that she had to break up with her long-term bf because of religion and everything.....I can't imagine that pain and vacuum she must be feeling now!
Well! NO! That obviously wasn't enough! GAH!!!
*THIS* danger of having the tumor had to come as well. God, if you exist, then I'd like to kick your ass. AARGHHHH!!! I'm so angry cuz I'm so desperate! I can't help her, I can only cuss and try to lift her mood. Aiyaaah. T__T


I know you don't even know her, but WTD, you can pray anyways, it's nice to be good at least once a year, isn't it?

Well, and the third thing. That was damn WEIRD! O_O

Remember the Taiwanese Peng (pseudonym), the asshole guy and before one of my best friends ever?
Well, I lost the contact with him like six years ago or so because of him. He chose to ignore me and after few desperate attempts for contact from my side I lost my patience (I have some pride too), told him that he's an asshole and I don't wanna talk to him anymore cuz he's not worth it.
He, then emailed me something along the lines of a deep apology but I was still pissed off and ignored it.

Korean drama, I know. :P

Well, since then I hadn't thought about him at all, save from YESTERDAY. Yesterday was the first time my thoughts drifted to Peng after like six years and I silently asked myself how had he been and how weird it is that he's not in my life anymore....

It felt weird cuz I felt really sorry for all this happening. I liked him a lot, you know! He was like a brother to me!

OK, so, after that I logged into MSN and quacked a bit with Manis and Teresa and all my duckies......AND THEN~!

I got an instant message.

From Peng.

He remembered my bday all that time. And I remembered his, by the way (that's VERY rare, I never remember dates!).
He asked me if I'm STILL so angry at him, he said he felt horribly sorry for being such an ass, he said he regretted it million times and that he missed me all the time.

I was shocked. O_o

He then said he realized that I was a beautiful part of his life and by losing me, he felt like something is missing.

See? We were REALLY great friends, really, almost like siblings. ^^

WTD!!!! O_o
I lost all my ability to speak and then virtually squealed:

"OMG!!!!! PENG!!!!!!!!! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?????? I'm so shocked!!!!!"

We've talked. And it felt so warm and fuzzy an old friend coming back. ^^ Only now I've realized that I DID miss him, even though, just subconsciously.

Isn't life just AMAZING? ^___^
I don't think about a certain person for six years, then ONE DAY I think about him wondering how is he doing AND 20 mins after that HE ACTUALLY CONTACTS ME.

Please, duckies, don't tell me that there's no DESTINY. :D

I'm so happy! :D
And sad as well. u_u
Please, pray for my friend. I love her so much and she had gone through so many hard times......this just CAN'T be happening to her! T__T
Hey, Allah! Don't be so cruel to her, she loves You so much!!!!!! T_T

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