Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day D

Missed me? ^^
I've returned two days ago from PN (and my spring holiday is over T_T) but I was too lazy and tired (esp yesterday) to quack anything here.
Now I'm waiting for my mother to come here with my portfolio and I'll add some more stuff in there and voila! I'm off to AFAD to meet with the head of the Graphic Design faculty! :D

I'll get to know whether I have some GD potential or not.

Considering me being 39th at the exams from 109 people and WITHOUT any diligent work before the exams (and without knowing people at AFAD; in SVK that helps a lot) I think I ended up very well.

Other GD dude even said I must be miraculous! :D

Teheheheee, I'd like to be miraculous but such things rarely happen. :P

On another note, I was talking to Manis yesterday and we had came to a conclusion that GUYS ARE STUPID. Where's your courage, eh?! *YOU* are the ones we want to make the 1st step, even though it's 21st Century!
Sorry my boy friends, I love you all so much (and Ilkka the most, he has no competition! 30% discount! HAHA!!! ^_~) but really!!!!

Please, before flirting with a girl and hinting her your interest, make sure you are over your ex.

It's just stupid to play with us like this.
Ahhhh yes, we girls do the same to you cuz we're bitches, so I apologize for us.

I think I'll be on a pure rice diet today. I'm feeling weird and weak. UGH! Well, maybe a nice miso shiro with seaweed would do me good as well. ^^
YUM YUM YUM, the miracles of the light & healthy AZN cuisine!!!!! :D

I know! This entry is TOTALLY random! :P But what do you expect me to quack after 5 days of silence??? About the iraqi crisis? O_o
Let me continue my randomness.

I'm feeling tired even though I've slept like 8 hours what's completely UNIMAGINABLE for me normally. From Sun to Mon I slept hardly 4 hours. @_@ I looked so charming then, like a panda in a washing mashine! @_@

March 17 is:

* MY 18th BIRTHDAY (someone take me to London, I miss that city!)

UUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Exciting, isn't it!!!!!
I plan to go to the police office on March 18th and getting my EU passport. I'll never forget the moment when the Malaysian dudes at KLIA were examining my (Slovak) passport for good 20 mins and then my ex's dad told me that probably they had thought that I'm some whore from Eastern Europe. OMD. @_@ TERIMA KASIH. Hahaha!!!

I've found out that I'm not an EARTH Snake, but a FIRE Snake. According to the website (dunno which one anymore) red is my lucky color so I should wear it often. OK. I'm doing so. :D

Ahhh, I'm feeling so weak, I dunno why. @_@ I really should sleep more. I VOW TO GO TO BED AT 11PM TODAY.

End of randomness. VSVU soon! :)


Ilkka said...

Haha ;D

GUESS WHAT? My mom told me yesterday that the PN city administration has invited her to come there among some other ppl from here so that she could have some seminar there about some library stuff. That would be at the same time as the opening of the spa season.
BUT! That is on the same weekend, when I get graduated... so... She won´t come...

My propose is: PN has to move the opening of the spa season to some other weekend, so that I can get graduated (which is more important) and then come WITH my mom to SVK!

Anonymous said...

Why are guys so stupid!!!!!??? :D

Ducky Mia said...

BAIBEE: OMG!!! Come!!!! :D Or let your mom come and then you come AFTER maturita! ;)

SEB: Hahaha! Dunno!!!! But they canm be adorable too! :D

小 Kafka said...

we're not stupid. we just choose to ignore our common sense.