Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Brand New Episode

Who would have expected *THIS*?!

Yesterday I've came across a website of one (pretty good) Slovak poprock group.
(I'm giving out the link on request only! I couldn't possibly tahan *them* tracking my blog back cuz of me stupidly linking their band. @_@)



Nice website. Many pictures.

Right now I have one picture with solely S opened up....but.....know what?
I really don't love him anymore.
Because if I did, I would be dead and in tears already...or in 7th Heaven or wherever.

However, all I do, is look at this pic with a nostalgic smile and I sigh. I sigh like "Ah, those were the times..", not like "Ah, I wish he was mine.." and even though I STILL think he's a cutie, I don't feel anything special.

I'm impressed, though!
He's good like hell!!! I didn't know he's *THAT* talented....plus points, S. :D

Isn't life an on-going happening full of absurd experiences? ^___^

Thinking about it again, I WOULD love to hug him, Just once!!!!!!


小 Kafka said...

not that you'd be interested to know, but we are through to the champions league quarterfinals!!! woohoooooo!

Ducky Mia said...

HAHAHA good to get to know this! :D ;)