Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My today's horoscope says:

"Not all illusions are false -- sometimes they are just sneak previews of what is to come! It's time to see the glass of water as half full, and make the choice to hope for the best. The conclusion of what is coming to pass over the next few days is still unknown, so why not choose to believe that everything will work out just fine? Visualize the best-case scenario. You won't be fooling yourself -- you'll just be setting the stage for a very happy ending."

Let's see.



I wanna.

To my own shock, *he* is reddish blond with blue eyes!!!!
No Asian. No dark haired poodle. No S.
In fact, S is fading away from my mind.

He plays tennis, he's over 190cm and he looks like a super cute Golden Retriever puppy, hence I call him Doggy (just in the circle of my friends). XD

AND! I KNOW him liao! *_* Not deeply though, we greet each other & talk on ICQ sometimes but, I AM WORKING ON IT. ^_~

I hope that this horoscope DOES say the truth. :P

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