Thursday, March 01, 2007

If I weren't bodoh, I WOULD BE DRAWING/PAINTING & STUDYING MATHS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sadly, I'm bodoh, so I'm happily PROCRASTINATING. =_=''''

EU countries aren't visa-required in Singapore, are they???
Cuz if it's as I think (that they are not), then my application deadline is on April 17th, instead of April 1st!!!! :D

I've printed out billion of forms, documents, applications & etc. in order to have them all collected cuz who knows, I might even:

  • get 30,0% from Maths --> 4 --> being accepted for graduation
  • graduate
  • get accepted into La Salle
  • get the scholarship

If all this happens, I'll come to S, French kiss him & dance away singing ABBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Whohohooo, btw, I *can* work part-time in Singapore, ain't that cool? :D

I don't think I'll get accepted into La Salle though...still, LKW & Cenfad might accept me. Well, Cenfad is NOT replying my emails (ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I think I'll apply just for LKW!!!!!!!!! GRRR!!

Eeeeh. 7.12pm. Me is tired liao.

I keep getting little headaches when staring at the PC for too long. I guess my body is controlling myself from being a PC maniac?? :P
I'm glad for that cuz it also prevents me from blindness, fatal procrastination & fatness at its best. ^^

I think I'm gonna draw something now & then.....the MATHS is waiting. @_#

I wanna be an university accepted grammar school graduatee already!!!!
Korean food from food courts is awaiting me!!!!!! *____*


Scott said...

good luck and god bless.

Ducky Mia said...

Thanks! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Why don't you try email as the main email system is being upgraded.