Tuesday, March 06, 2007


To the previous entry: Okay, I'd love to hug him (S) twice too. Or thrice. Why not ah! HAHAHA!!! He looks so funny & serious, that's the sexiest combination EVER!

Okay, I know that normal people find curly guys with rim-less glasses super fugly but I AM DIFFERENT. Teheheheheeeee.

Have I said I don't love him? Fuck, I dunno. But probably not. It's 50:50 I guess.
Oh, I wish I knew myself at least a tiny bit. -_-'''''


The nearest suitable test date for me is March 23th. FUCKING NEARBY!!!!!!! I AM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother was just threatening me that if I don't get into LKW/Cenfad/LA SALLE, I'll have to stay here & work. SCARY.

I dunno if I can make the TOEFL. Well, hopefully yes....... I MUST. O_O

Wish me luck. O_O


kafka said...

toefl is a piece of cake. dont fret.

Ducky Mia said...

IS IT???!! O_o But what if I DON'T make it!!! AAAHH!!!