Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Must Throw Away My Clothes!!!!

If I don't do that, they'll EAT me alive. @_@

I cannot tahan it anymore!!!!!! *bangs head*

I tide up my tiny wardrobe.
Then I pick up one top, one jumper & pants to wear.
After I take it off when I come home, I put it on the chair/on the lowest shelf in the shelves by the wardrobe.

Another day comes.
I pick up different clothes and when I return, I do the same as the day before.

Another day comes & the routine repeats.

*repeat repeat repeat*

My lowest shelf is full of wrinkled clothes once worn.
I stuff even the "chair-clothes" to the lowest shelf, therefore it's even messier and even more wrinkled.

Now what do I do?

Ha. You wish. =_=

No, I start putting everything on the chair again. Then when I come home & wanna sit by the PC, I take the pile of wrinkled clothes and throw them on the bed.
Later on, when I'm off to bed, I take the wrinkly pile of clothes and throw them on the chair.

Usually some wrinkly pieces fall down, thus I mutter vulgarities under my nose, pick them up angrily & slam them at the chair again.

The next day exactly the same procedure repeats.
The day after that too.

A remarkably long time passes, I lose all my nerves and tide it all up. And then what? To get to know that, read this entry all over again. =_=

*WHAT* do you advice me to do with this fucking bodoh habit?!
I'm going berserk by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have lots of clothes and yet this happens! ARGGH!!!!
And all those idiotic WINTER CLOTHES!
Duck you! I hate jumpers (especially the woollen ones), various long-sleeved whatever and all those heavy winter boots!!!! *SIGHHHHHHHHH*

I'm the happiest ducky in a tank top/t-shirt, skirt/capri pants and flip-flops. Well, being barefoot is even better, but that also requires crazy-colored skimpy bikini, hot sand & turquise water. ^^

Like this la:

WAHAHAHAHA, that was a shock, wasn't it?! XD

Okay, here is something better; I hope it will please the disgusted men's eyes after seeing Borat in sexy, skimpy, lime green...errr....DICKINI???? XDDD But hey! What about those chicks by him?! Liked it, eh??



With this I shall sign off and go check out some blogs. ^^



Scott said...

i'm 27 and i act the same. i guess i could be forgiven cos i'm a bloke. heh.

Ilkka said...

I have the same problem with clothes, I use one or two times. I throw them on my couch. Then after all there´s a huge pile of wrinkled clothes on my couch, so that no one can sit on it. Then finally when I have to tide up, I throw them to laundry.
Just like last week, when I had to tide up, cuz of dad´s bday. Just today my mom told me that now downstairs is full of my clean clothes.. including 7 jeans/pants of mine. She even asked if I still have something to wear or are all my clothes there.

So I would say my problem is even bigger than yours.. :S