Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Better Than Expected

I was expecting a COMPLETE failure but it wasn't THAT bad. I wasn't accepted into the 2nd round (I wasn't expecting that either) but surprise of all surprises - I was just 9th under the line!!!!! O_O *faints*

Know please, that there were 109 of us and just 30 were accepted into the 2nd round from where only 9 candidates will be given the chance to study Graphic Design at VSVU/AFAD.

I'm speechless. NINTH!!! :D And I wasn't going to the consultations with the VSVU professors like the other people did (they tell you which your works are good/bad and why..and they remember you so you sort of a have better position at the exams), I didn't study history of art AND I had a portfolio with shitty stuff, there were even things from 2003.

My friend who was there too was the last above the line (so she was 30th). Now notice that her father is a graphic designer and she had like 2kg heavy portfolio with over 20 works done in Adobe Illustrator!!!!
And she was 30th.....like WTD....I wonder what god/goddess of graphic design was the person at the top place. O_o

Either way, I'm happy it over. :) Now I can focus on maturita, on various art exhibitions, on my own art (ah, the irony....after the entrance exams, issit?! Why not before ar? XD), on TOEFL and on the portfolio for CENFAD. ^^

On other note, was reading ex-bf's blog yesterday and I just can't get him!!!!
Read this entry please.
*yawns* Am I reading right? The boy has some anger problems? Oh, I'm happy I'm not his girlfriend anymore. Bodoh.
Well, while you're at it, read this entry & this entry too.
May I ask you, WHAT THE FUCK?!
Why he writes blog when he hates it?! I sense more personal complexes than IQ. *rolls eyes* I wonder if these issues with blogs are the remains of the previous issues about my blog; I posted here & there sometthing about our fucking up relationship & he totally hated it, he hated my blog & he was trying to stop me from posting such stuffs.
I love it, when people try to control me! *pats her katana gently*

Okay, must go to school liao. :)


Ilkka said...

Woohoo baibee, you rock!
You almost did it to the 2nd round in VSVU/AFAD! :) It wasn´t far!

Soon you´ll be in CENFAD! =)
Good luck with it baibee! ^^

Ducky Mia said...

Thanks a lot mai deer!!!! ^____^