Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have an awful headache, Ibalgin gulped down liao, itchy eyes, ecsema, & 13% from Maths. So yeah, I'm failing. Well, just a little detail, I have a TEST tomorrow and I was just desperately trying to practice those equations and sadly, it was worthless. A waste of time, really. =_=

Luckily, we can fail on the 1st semester....we just can't fail on the other semester with the graduation.

I've never failed anything (thanks to cheating, friend's help at the tests & endless hours of tuition) but IT'S TIME.

Also, I have the entrance exams to VSVU on January 29 and I still have to do around 20 artworks...now....how much do I have already? Like, ONE?! Fuck it!!! Yes, ONE!!!!
I wanted to draw that still life with giocondas today, but somehow, I can't.

In all my horoscopes I read: "Focus on your studies, forget guys, work on your future..." & yaddayadda and I'll tell ya, I'd really like to do that only if it wasn't SO MUCH AT ONE TIME!!!!

I love that insomnia too, yesterday I went to bed at midnight and fell asleep at 1.30am. Mmmm, I felt "SO FRESH" today......like a zombie, really. #_#

It's 10.35pm now.
What should I do? Try to study or go read some blogs & then go to bed?

I'll see. Hmmm.

Btw, sorry if I don't reply to your SMSes but I don't wanna have the billhigh like shit again, recently it was like 2500Skk and that's WAY too much!

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