Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Preparation

The entrance exams will be in 4 days (5 including today) and I hardly have 12 artworks from the min. required amount of 20. TEHEHEEEE. Impressive, isn't it? :P
I keep drawing, painting, drawing, painting & so on.
Just now I'm waiting for the aquarel paper to get dry so I can take my aquarel pencils and paint something there.....and after that I'll make myself the mushroom pizza (Dr. Oetker is my saviour), take the Koh-I-Noor Toison D'Or dry chalks and draw a landscape with it.

I'm supposed to be studying Society Studies, the 11th maturita question too because our prof is examining us tomorrow but I don't really care; I don't have the time for it! @_@

Will quack more later. :)


Ilkka said...

Good luck mai daarlynk!
Now you must give everything you can for the entrance exams. I know the feeling, last autumn before those 3 maturitas I had (and also a lot of lessons school and driving lessons) I was really stressed and had a lot of pressures. But I thought that after I´ve done and passed them all it will be a lot easier, even though it felt really hard then.

So draw, paint, draw and paint! :)
And when you get in you´ll notice it was worth it!

Good luck baibee, laav juu! :)

Michie said...

Fenk juu mai sweet daaarlynk for joor supoooport!!!! Aj laav juu tuu!!! ^___^

OMD, actually, I've been procrastinatinf for the pas 5 hours or so, I MUST GO & WORK!!!!!

I miss youuuuuuuuuu!!!!