Friday, January 12, 2007

I have nothing to write actually, only that:

  • I've found a pic where BYJ looks EXACTLY like S, but I'm lazy to post it now here.
  • RULEZ ^_^ BYJ forever, hmm? ^_^
  • I have bursitis of my left elbow! :P See Wiki for more. :)
  • Today I took a walk at S hill again. Ah, nostalgy... ^^
  • CONDUCKTULATIONS, BAIBEE, TO YOUR SLOVAKIA PROJECT!!!! :D Thanks for promoting my country among people who think it's in Eastern Siberia! ^_^
  • I bought a new hoddie at Pull & Bear and now I'm broke
  • R's sis is hoping me & R get together again one day. WTP!
  • R's mom misses me.....and vice versa! T_T
  • I must ask R's mom for the fried rice recipe :P
  • ANY HOT ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS TO HUG ME?! Koreans preferred. Muahahaaa. :P
  • Friday tmr! ^_^

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