Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Rapist Alter Ego Gets To Blog Today

I really wonder what I've been doing last night cuz my left elbow now hurts like hell & is red & swollen.

Perhaps I've been fighting with Leif (my plushy elk).
Or I've tried to rape S!!!!! XD

I hope it was the 2nd option, that'd be far more exciting...hhahahhaha, just kidding. :D

Anyways, apart from raping the forever muse, crush & icon S, I also wouldn't mind raping Se7en:

Shit, how can anyone be THAT hot?! O_o I don't think he's real actually; he's probably just a holographic image or what.........mere humans CAN'T be that hot!!!! *salivates*
Even my friend who doesn't like Asian guys said that he's "da 1st class". I can just agree.

Wah, I wanna tie him, tear the clothes from him and....

DUCK OFF, YOU RAPIST ALTER EGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAARGGHH!!!! >_< @_#

*Mich the non-rapist comes*

Hello, duckies! ^^
Mind my rapist alter ego, it's just frustrated or something....that must be my inner Lil' Kim or something. Sigh. :P

But Se7en?!
OK, even though I don't really wanna rape him, I wanna date him! DUCK! I wish it was possible. =_= But maybe he's an asshole anyways.....but a hot asshole at least...hahhahah....

Enough duckshit. Grrrrr.
I'm going to update my SiteMeter now, I kinda removed it from my blog when updating this layout & forgot to put it back.....lemme do that now so I can see if this is read at least by 3 ducks from which I'm one. :P
Quack quack.

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