Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Eventful Icy Night

Just one word.

Today, in a span of 40 minutes I saw a guy who resembled S very much...curly, dark, shoulder reaching hair, glasses...yet he wasn't S..I felt sad after he had left the bus stop.

"So close to S, yet so far!"

Well, I didn't know what was about to come yet. ^^ :P

After this S-resembling-guy left, I felt cold so I was walking around the bus stop until an old man asked me:

"You're stressed, aren't you?"

We've started to talk.
And later on, this Norwegian writer & translator wanted to "invite me over for a wine", took my mobile phone number AND - fucking perv asshole, he did this after I gave him my number - wanted me to kiss him.

WTP. SCARY!!!!! @_#
Go cut off your dick, pervy Pakidude. *grrr*

The minute I started to talk to him at the bus stop where I was waiting, another thing had happened:


He got on the same trolleybus as me & that Norwegian. He sat down on the doubleseat diagonally in front of us & facing us...and anytime I looked at him (=every 5 seconds), he was looking at me too. O_o

He had a rose in his hands, btw.

AMAZING! :P I didn't know that guys come from the city with a rose! I thought girls do that! Well, but maybe his gf was at their house? That'd be so sweet.... Hm, or maybe he's a gay and he got the rose from his boyfriend. XD Or maybe his mom had her birthday? That'd be so sweet too. ^^

He hasn't changed a bit. :)
He still looks that fragile, his hair is still curly, thick & shiny, he still wears the same glasses and his skin is smooth as always. :)
Mmmm, nostalgy. :)

I have realized that I no longer love him.
A success after those long 7 years, isn't it? :P
Seeing him now, my heart jumped only one nanometer and that was wasn't like in my S-heydays when I'd stop breathing when seeing him and my heart would flutter around like mad....
No, it was different now.
All I felt for him was just CARE.

I guess that I have REALLY moved on then....and that's superb, yet I feel a bit sad, because S had been a big part of my life, an endless topic of talks and a good object for comparison (e. g.: "This guy is ugly....S is much more handsome!").

Ah, sigh. :)
C'est la vie. :)

However, if he asked me out, I'd agree to it. Just for the sake of it....and for finally being able to kiss those lovely lips and hug those shoulders. ^^

(Eeeerm, this didn't sound like I had moved on, did it? O_o XD)

I wish him a lovely life. ^_^
I'm never gonna forget him!!!!! ^___^

I almost wish I hadn't moved on. *sigh* =_=

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