Friday, January 12, 2007

Sexual Baelution, Maternal Instincts & The Almost-Cured Bursitis

I've just returned from the doc, pizzeria and the short walk with Haku. As I've mentioned yesterday, I have a bursitis on my left elbow but it's curing fast. ^^ I feel like retired cuz I got the Coxtral prescribed and that's what old people eat...haha... :D

Today at the doc - more specifically, at the chirurgy ward where I went for check-up - I saw a little, curly, red-haired girlie running around. She was so CUUUUTE!!!! ^___^
Seems like my maternal instincts are awakening........


I refuse to share my precious DNA with anybody else than S or his sexy bro Peter/Bae Yong Joon/Choi Dong Wook/prince William/(acceptable) Kwon Sang Woo.

CHOICE 1: He's twice older as me, okay, but he's the prototype of an IDEAL MAN for me (even with this ponytail! That's for the new drama, ok!!!! Stop giggling!) so I would.....oh...naughty....cannot say! ^_~
Okay, here he looks weird, I admit, with those grandpa glasses but you know why I chose this pic? Cuz of that SINCERE LAUGHTER. Me loves it. ^_^

BYJ looks almost like S and vice versa, so CHOICE 1 represents them both. Oh, and S' sexy brother Peter, but he doesn't resemble BYJ, he resembles GOD with his 186cm, swimmer's toned body, veeeery broad shoulders and heavenly face. Yummy! ^^
Oh, am I naughty!
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? XD

CHOICE 2, Choi Dong Wook. 'Nuff said! *_* He's young, hot, sexy, adorable, cute and LET'S HOPE he's intelligent too. Hahahaha.

CHOICE 3, with Kwon Sang Woo. I think you're getting the drift now; I usually go for well-mannered, shy, handsome gentlemans with beautiful eyes and smiles. Oh, and I like messy hairstyles. And glasses would do too, those black plastic ones are the coolest ones cuz they look soo like you're an architect/designer! :D
I'm superficial, it's official now. XD

CHOICE4, but this one is not that important and interesting. And anyways, William also reminds me of S with these features he has got so it all leads to the same point anyways. :P
Am I pathetic or WHAT?! =_=

S/Peter/BYJ/CDW/KSW/William...doesn't matter...Our children will still then be adorable, intelligent, sweet, cute, funny, well-behaved and with rich, adorable, intelligent, sweet, cute, funny, busy & naughty parents. I LIKE THAT. XD

BY THE WAY, not only I got my maternal instincts awakened there! :D I was called a Chinese! :D
I met two girls (11yrs old maybe?) at the chirurgy ward who were waiting for check-up just like I did and we've started to talk & suddenly they told me:

" have such big eyes....actually we thought at first that you're a Chinese!"

I was like, "O_o Really? :P" cuz I really wasn't expecting that my 1/k Korean quarter is *that* visible (even though they thought I'm a Chinese. :P). Maybe it's thanks to my Sung Si Kyung-ish hairstyle, probably it emphasizes my face or something.

Oh, alright....time to do something else than just blabbing here. It's 3.18pm so now I'll go make a good, steamy cup of tea, reply to Raymond's & R dad's emails and take another walk with Haku....and to Aupark! :D SALES everywhere! YEAHHH!!! :D

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