Monday, January 29, 2007

The Entrance Exams Are Over

I'm not really feeling like mentioning the EEs much but....!

Hopoopfully, HELLO KL!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I sucked like shit at these.
We had a test (I guessed 80% of the questions) from history of art & history with 50 questions and then two artsy assignments.

One was the portrait of the model. I had it all good only my composition was like fuck, the head wasn't in the middle but more to the left!!!! Goodbye, points. =_= Otherways the proportions & the shading were quite fine....but the composition..... *AHEM AHEM*

The other assignment was to make a poster on the "Slovak movie" topic.
Know what's the problem?
The Slovak movie industry is practically dead, broke & most of our movies are simply lame. MY POSTER WAS LAMER THOUGH. @_# The initial idea of it was good but because I didn't have all the materials I needed, it sucked. =_=

My idea was a poster with a black silhouette of block of flats (= communist/post-communist/modern era) and a......okay, lemme draw it: :)

It looked roughly like this. That dark grey thingy was supposed to be a movie screen and that cock (heh) there is supposed to be a symbol of the traditional rural Slovakia. That double-cross is a symbol of Slovakia as whole, it's in our flag too. That weirdly green thing was actually a golden's used in floral compositions. :P
Sadly, I didn't have black paper so that black silhouette was painted by black acryl..... *sigh* It looked like a crap then. =_=


Quackever lah. *yawns*
I was expecting it anyways. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up the portfolio and oficially get to know that I'm not passing to the 2nd round of EE. Quackever. :P


Ilkka said...

OMD, that SF is so confusing in movie industry!

In some old Finnish movies there reads SF, which means Suomi-Filmi (Suomi=Finland in Finnish), but that company doesn´t exist anymore.

Then for example LOTR movies sold in Finland are also by SF... But in that case it means Svensk Filmindustri (Swedish movie industry)...

And SF can even mean Slovensk√Ĺ Film!

Weird, weird weird... Why do these film industry companies wanna make me confused?? :P

Ducky Mia said...

Hahahaha well, no duckidea! :P :D

However, we don't have a company called Slovensk√Ĺ Film, it was just a name of the topic. That means minus one confusion! :D :P

Ilkka said...

Ok :P