Friday, January 26, 2007

Three Circuits Of Our Minds

Yesterday me, DD & AL were out for a nice lasagna and the conversation was just floating real topic....nothing much....until we've came to the topic of universities.

"And where would you like to study?"
"Dunno yet but I'm trying many schools."
"I'm kind of counting on Graphic Design but there's a huge chance it won't work out so then lalalaaaa, I'll go for some Marketing & Advertising."
"Well, I need to get to Architecture.

From there we had moved on to the guys:

"You'll get there, don't you worry!"
"I need to get there, really. Architects are such a hotties, mmm!"
"Mwahaha, as if the designers weren't... *daydreams* ...and if Iget to KL...imagine all those cute, hunky Asian designers in black plastic-rimmed glasses...." *fans herself*
"I want a hot & NORMAL snowboarder!"
"I stick with architects. And designers too."
"Same in here."
"Only I hope the designers aren't all GAY cuz they at least tend to look so, with their super-styled outfits and sexy haircuts."
"Hmmm, yeah.....well...ARCHITECTS R DA BEST anyways! :D Hellooooo, Malaysian arch hotties! Come to me!"

And from the guy talk we had moved on to how shitty our life is:

"Whatever, no one's gonna notice me anyways. I can just dream on & better study not talk crap."
"I hate it how we're nobody! Everything is so uncertain!"
"And I'm sooooo tired of everything, I can't stand this fucking stereotype anymore!"
"This fucked up high school MUST E. N. D. already. Then I'll feel way better. Arrgghh."
"I'm constantly sleep-deprived! And I'm lazying around so technically, I could be sleeping!"
"Yeah, I know this too!"

....and so on & so on.
On these three topics only.
Maybe I should get to know some punker and talk with him/her about...errr....punk music & tattooes? :P I don't know what the punkers talk about. Haha.

Okay, back to work, I'm going to paint something with temperas now, then I'm off to art prof's atelieur and then I have to be in Aupark at 6pm; me & Kucci are going for a alcohol-free coctail! ^_^ Mojito virgin, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SIP YOU!!!! :D



hey !
like your blog better the xiaxue.
She only got shiiiiiit to say ;)

Keep it up ;)

Ducky Mia said...

OOoooo!!! What a compliment! ^_^ Thanks a lot......I regard your liking of my blog as really precious! ^_^

Will check out your blog too, but not NOW, it's past 2am here liao, OMG. @_@ :P