Friday, January 05, 2007

Lazy & Contended/SUPER WEIRD DREAM

Munie & Hiro are a couple! YAY! ^_^ Congratz you two, you're LOVELY!!!! ^___^

Lynnie & Manis got the gifts from me & they like it.. I'M GLAD!! ^___^

I just went to Teresa's Friendster profile and I must say that the saying "Love is blind" is sooooooo true. My ex-bf would surely NOT win the competition for the most handsome man if there was any. Teheheheeee.

I'm late as usual, but SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you, duckies.

Just sent out an e-mail to Cenfad (the 685648976589th e-mail liao) about the min points of TOEFL & the date until when to send the application with all the documents & portfolio...

I had a DAMN WEIRD DREAM today starring S & me. @_@

In the dream I (with some friends) somehow sneaked into his house when he was having some party but I was too scared & shy to show up in the living room where him & his friends & his bro we hid into another room where we hoped not to be noticed.
However, his mother found us and I dunno why, she instantly started to hate me; the first thought I had was "Oh, now that's gonna be a hindrance! How can me & S date? Well, he wouldn't want me anyways, right..."
We were shooed outta the house but later on we've returned.
I dunno why there were blankets in that room we were hiding in, but the second time we sneaked in, the mother came and started to yell at me to get out....I stood up and she saw my period blood (!!!!????) at the blanket!!! Hah! I really don't get this part of the dream...... Anyways, I was sent to wash it off and there I found myself in a long, cold-looking hall with lots of doors and lots of bathrooms.
I went into one and then heard S walking into another....I hid but later his mother came & was yelling something at S got to know we are there and his bro too.. I greeted his bro terribly embarassed and then I remember that all of us were jumping above the fence and running away to the foggy night.


Lemme check it out at DreamMoods.conm....until then - bye! ^_^

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