Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back From Egypt/Busy Life/Obligatory New Year's Resolutions

I AM BACK! ^_^

And once I find out how to resize the pics without Photoshop (which doesn't work & I can't neither reinstall it nor repair ir, WTP), I'll post some of them here, I promise! :)
Until then, please, survive just my quacking.

Few facts I've learnt about Egypt while I was there:

  • The MEN are dick-using idiots annoying, bothering & verbally sexually harassing everyone & women the most, of course (even the veiled ones! WTP!!!!!).

    "Hey, sweety!"
    "U r very beautiful!"
    "U have time? Just a second! One minute! One minute, please!"
    "Hello! Where r u from? Slovakia? Ahoooj, si velmi krasna!"

    ...and etc... =_=

  • The RUSSIANS looooove NY's Eve in Egypt. There were like million of them at our hotel, and so, the 1st thing I heard few mins after midnight in the year 2007 was the Russian anthem which was sung by our lovely, drunk Russian guests. Hahaha, yes!!! XD

    And the best thing was, after the 'celebration' at the hotel we went to our room...there my mother & grandma switched on the (Russian!) TV and so it happened that I've heard the Russian athem AGAIN that night.

    And then?



  • I LOVE Arabic writing! *_* It's so beautiful, it has the same kind of beauty like, for example, Korean or Tamil. It's just..different. It seems like an art to me actually. :)

  • I LOVE Islamic architecture. It's simply beautiful! ^^

  • The Red Sea is wonderfully TURQUISE. Mmmm. I'll show you the pics once I somehow resize them. :P

  • I CAN live without make-up but I CAN'T live without the books. Oh, seems like I'm not that big of an ah lian afterall. :P Good, good! :P

  • I definately wanna LIVE in a warm country. Not in Egypt, of course (there not even burqa would spare me the annoying) but...ok...I'm annoying with this Singapore or Malaysia. :P ^^

  • Cannot tahan life in such a dry, windy country. @_@ Even though it's PRETTY there.

  • I HATE AzurReisen. I don't give a shit about how I'm gonna damage their name now or whatever - THEY SUCK A FUCKING BIG DEAL!!!!!! >_< After arrival on the Hurghada Intl. Airport we all got on a bus happily thinking that within an hour we surely will be lazying around in our rooms.
    Actually we were cruising the tiny Hurghada for unbelievable 4,5 HOURS. That's longer than the flight itself which is 3,45h long!!! AAARGGH!!!!!

    As if it wasn't enough, the departure flight was scheduled at Jan 3rd, 5.15am. We had to get up at 2am (no kidding) and be at the reception desk at 2.15am where the bus would come and take us to the airport.

    So we all did as we were told, but.... was 3am and NOBODY COMING. So a friend called the fucking bitch rep (he called her! if he didn't, we would never know cuz she didn't give a damn!!!) and she said that OUR FLIGHT HAS BEEN DELAYED & SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHEN WILL WE FLY. So it could be anytime!
    Later the friend called her again and got to know that the flight will be on Jan 4th, 5.15am again.

    You can't imagine how tired am I after two almost sleepless nights! @_@

    Fuck SkyEurope too, I love it when they play around with flights. Aaaargghh.


Aiyah, I was stupid not to take notepad & pen/pencil/giocondas to there...I was like, soooo bored there. =_= At least thank god for that cam cuz at least taking pics was consuming my time.

Well, now I have exactly 25 days for 20~30 paintings/drawings which are required for the VSVU entrance exams....omg...I must start to work but tha won't be *today* cuz my eyes are soo itchy...cannot tahan. -_-

Actually, I'll have a very VERY busy schedule now:

January: 20~30 paintings/drawings, VSVU entrance exams, get a new EU passport!!!!
February: TOEFL exam
March: study for maturita + draw/paint
April: study for maturita + draw/paint
May: MATURITA + draw/paint
June: portfolio for Cenfad + have the maturita report card translated into English & verified & blahblah
July: submit the application for Cenfad (or submit it when it has to be submitted; I dunno if there's a date for that)
September: if I get accepted, FLYYYYYYYYY to KL! ^_^

Today I read in the plane that FEAR STANDS BETWEEN OUR DREAMS. The article said that we must overcome our fears because our dreams are important...and if we fear something, it's a hindrance barring us from pursuing our dreams.
My case; I'm actually pretty scared of living totally on my own in KL - I'm scared I won't make it or something.....but I know that I must OVERCOME IT & GO FOR IT, cuz I know that *that* is wat I wanna..uni in KL.

Same with laser eye operation. I'm totally, horribly scared of it, but what else can I do, with -7 & -7,5 dioptries? -_- T_T

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH, you all must be tired from my blahblahblahblahblahing already. *yawn*

Lemme finish with the obligatory New Year's Resolutions:

  1. I will DO MY BESTEST BEST to graduate & get into Cenfad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I will visit art exhibitions & generally WORK ON MYSELF
  3. I WILL BE MYSELF, however big pain in the ass will I be then (hahaha)
  4. I will go to bed BEFORE 11.45pm!!!!! <--- this will be hard....but I don't wanna have those eyebags anymore @_@
  5. I will try hard to have this room TIDY O_o
  6. I will take care of myself & be less influencable (?)!!!!!

Ha. That's it. ^^
I'll blog more when I recover from my post-flight weariness... *yawns*


PPS: Thank you, MUNIE, BAIBEE & RAY for your Xmas cards & gifts! I love them all!!! ^___^

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