Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Makes My Blog Boring

I'm watching Girls Out Loud Episode 5 Part 3 at now & due to my greatmaster' (greatmistress'? I'm a woman afterall) ability to multi-task, I'm also reading various blogs when I'm waiting for the GOL to load.

All those blogs are so sizzling hot, hip, fancy, funny, stylish & well-written.

(I've read Xiaxue, Cheesie, Kenny Sia, Jolene Lai, Justine :) and Potatomus Maximus so far today.)

And my blog - apart from being crappy - is mainly BORING.

So let's ask myself:


*Due to the Reason 1 - "No real dedication" must go watch GOL again. Will come back after like 8 minutes!*

*OK. Back liao. Episode 5 was really kool but I swear, if a guy asks me whether I want to buy a flat with him, I'm gonna kick his balls off!*

Reason 1: Already mentioned. NO REAL DEDICATION.

I don't take this as a serious job, I'm not showing off my non-existent writer's ambitions and I'm not trying to make my 0.003 readers laugh their heads off (although it may occur sometimes, usually unintentionally) while reading my daily quacks.

My entries are usually about:

  • How shitty life my is

  • How crispy, sizzling, saucy, lovely, cute, crunchy & rapeable various Korean celebs are (especially Bae Yong Joon & Choi Dong Wook *salivates*)

  • How is UJ stupid

  • How is my one-sided platonic love/obsession/personal degeneration with S going on, how much I miss him/love him/don't miss him/don't love him anymore and how I'm 'surely' gonna confess/move on

  • How much I hate Maths & going to PN

  • How much I miss Singapore & Malaysia and how I'm DEFINATELY going back there

  • How I MUST get to Cenfad, or else............. x_x

  • How much I wanna eat *this* or *that* and usually *this* and *that* are from Singapore and Malaysia so I can't get it anyways

Limited, isn't it? Ooooh yes, it surely is.

Reason 3: NO PHOTOS.
I'm just lazy to upload pictures because uploading pictures means resizing them, adding the blog addy there and then uploading them to PhotoBucket....well, and finally uploding them to Blogger. I wouldn't mind all this if my Photoshop was actually working but it isn't so whatever.
Oh yes and what if my friends in here found it? CANNOT TAHAN LA!!! @_#

I'm actually worried that UJ is gonna find some pics from summer which I uploaded here to some entry.
If that happened...... *jumps* #_#
This blog is way too full of my Entries With Limited Topics TM and thus, I wouldn't want to have it read by SVKians. What if S understood that it's about him? And UJ? Gosh, I'd probably die then. @_@

OK. I may be an aspiring graphic designer but I CAN'T DESIGN WEBSITES. I'll never have a sparkling glamour wonderful blog like Xiaxue or like any 13 years old HK schoolgirlie keeping a blog & knowing all about web design & Photoshop at this tender age.
I'm 17 and I'm glad I know that <> < / b > without spaces means that the letters will get bold.
I'm ashamed!

Thus I can't express everything exactly the way I want to, although, I must shamelessly and proudly say that I'm pretty good. Only I got 3 from the recent English test....hahaha....okie, but I've never been able to write regular tests. :P I'm good at essays, not at the tests!!!!

I don't know many people who combine English, Malay words which hubooby taught me and weird duck-related phrases all in a neat package on a blog by a Slovak with Korean ancestors and with a Hungarian surname. Gila! :P

There you go.
There are more reasons but due to the Reason 1 I must now go watch GOL 6 hosted by the kool chick Ros and the ah lian prototype, blog icon Xiaxue.
I can't get used to the fact that Xiaxue is such an ah lian in reality too! And I thought she's just acting it or what! I thought she can't wear THAT much make-up in real.....and that she surely wouldn't wear that much pink girlish Barbie stuff at once!!!!!

My illusions about the world were yet again kicked hard.


Anonymous said...

have u checked out too? dawn yang is one of my fave bloggers too besides xiaxue :)

Michie said...

Hello anonymous! :)
I know Dawn Yang, I've checked her blog but I don't read it regulalry. Should I? :)

Ilkka said...

Baibee... I´ve been thinking for a long time if I should stop writing my blog or not, because no one really reads it and never comments it. But finally you left a comment there today after two months nobody commenting, so maybe I now have energy to write it for another two months... :P

Michie said...

OMG baibee! Don't stop it!!!! I totally love your blog, I'm just soo lazy to leave comments on it!!! @_@ Kill me.....

Your blog is great, you write funnily and I love to read it. :D QUACK ON!!!!