Friday, January 19, 2007

Working Hard On Being A Panda

I've been studying Economics until now (from 10.45pm though) but now I'm having a pause & doing WHAT..?
Reading news about Bae Yong Joon at Joon's Family. *slaps head*

(S' lips are likes this; mmmmmmmm, hey sweety u want kiss kiss ok u sexy thing? <---- Pakitalk! XD)

It's indeed very relaxing & it deepens my irrational, unconditional love towards him but it certainly DOESN'T deepen my knowledge of the Economics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aiyaaaah....but economics is just SO WHO CARES for all those dry, boring formulas about trade, market & money? *yawns* Not me. x_x

12.27am liao. I'm waking up in less that 6 hours and I STILL don't know it all. -_- My fault though, I shouldn't have been talking crap on ICQ with guys on UJ's gayish appearence and other unimportant stupid gossip. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow (or actually, today~) I'll have a presentation from Renaissance for which I'm hopefully going to get 1 and then this Economics test from which if I get 3 I'll jump 5 meters high & dance salsa. :P

All guys should be gentlemen like BYJ. ALL GUYS!!!! YOU HEAR ME, ASSHOLES?! :)
I'm like a crazy Japanese ahjumma....they love BYJ. Hahahaha. :D I go for older men, OK! He's 34 years old! :D

One day, in my next life, I'm going to be Choi Ji-Woo and I'll star with BYJ in Winter Sonata. Oooohh, those hugs & kisses. *fans herself* *_* Can't wait! ^^v XD

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