Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quack With Me, Flirt With Me

I have got inspired by Potatomus Maximus and got myself this nice Cbox. ^__^
NOW, if you wanna, you can quack with me and leave me millions of bodoh messages and hopefully I'll reply! :D

By the way Seb, my ICQ is 273-997-013, add me....and sorry for not replying to both of your SMSes, I couldn't, cuz recently my bill was 2500Skk ( = 662ZAR says Xe) and that's fucking too much!!!! @_#
I must cut on's mad liao! @_@

On other note....
I have already drawn (or - "I already drew"? I HATE ENGLISH GRAMMAR!!!!) that chalk drawing but I don't really like it. It's either ugly & uninteresting or I'm too harsh on myself BUT something tells me it's the 1st thing. =_= :P
I wanted to draw that aquarel too but I CAN'T FIND MY AQUAREL PENCILS!!!!! O_O
Wah, I hate being so messy! I need a maid! *bangs head on the floor* T_T >_< @_@

4 days to go, roughly 5 more drawings/paintings to complete. ALAMAK!!!!! *freaks out & dies* How am I gonna make it?! O_o Should I not sleep or something? Is panda look attractive to you?! Will sleep-deprivation help me with my non-existent talent for fine arts?!

What do you think???? O_o

I feel that I no more like the snobby polo t-shirt guys perfectly styled and all.
All are POSERS. FAKE POSERS. Our school is full of them!!!!!!!! They like to wear anything Tommy Hilfiger (optionally Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Dolce & Gabbana), white sneakers and black jackets with fake fur at the hoody.
Hip-hop yo muthafucka!
These guys also *must* have gelled up hair and they're usually very skinny, very disgusting and look very homosexual. They *must* have iPods and usually they have never earned a single koruna (Skk) by themselves; they're fully sponsored by their loving parents.

Cannot tahan!!!!
And cannot quack with UJ anymore cuz he's like that!!!! *runs away to SG and hides behind Bryan* @_@ XD
I don't know why I've talked to him that much. Probably because his topics (Range Rover, Apple products, Bang & Olufsen, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, villas, Tommy Hilfiger, hair gel, mojito...erm, that's all~) were all brand new to me and I've liked the talking about unusual things.

Hey, but what have I found UNDER all this after few months?


Sad, isn't it?

I've realized that I'm sticking to the S-type of guys as always; intelligent (MUST-HAVE), natural, polite, with good manners, with glasses and with a nice sense of humor.
Golfista look will do good though, I love it. ^^'''

Yesterday I got on 203 trolleybus and I had sat down. Then I've noticed a guy sitting almost in front of me (there was one seat in front of me and in front of *that* seat were 2 other seats facing my & that seat before me) and a thought sprang into my mind: "Not a bad stuff!"

After a bit of an analysis I've came to the conclusion that his features were like those of BYJ.
I'm seriously pathetic! XD
Why ar?
Hm, maybe because S' face resembles BYJ's. So that leaves us to the fact that this guy's (let's call him U as "Unknown") face resembled S'! Wahahaha. :P

I digressed.

You know those scenes in romantic, sentimental, tear-jerking Korean dramas when the guy & the girl see their reflections in the windows? The girl sees the guy looking at her....she sees it in the window...looks into his eyes in that reflection....and he sees that too and the piano starts playing a slow, mellow melody and.... *the viewers sob & their hearts melt*

Ha! :D
So fun! :D I missed the piano music playing though and U wasn't any Korean hottie with black, shiny hair and a dazzling, tender smile; actually he was sand-haired and even though his BYJ-ish lips had the potential of a dazzling, tender smile, he hadn't smiled even once. *sobs*
Maybe I was depressing him. XD
No noooo, actually, I know I wasn't because even after he got off the 203 he had turned to look at me one more time....and he kept doing it for 2 or 3 more times.

How do I know it?
Because I've been doing the same. :P Tehehee.

Mysterious Unknown Guy In 203 With Rimless Glasses, will I meet you again? O_o
Maybe amazing things could happen, like befriending or even *gasp* dating.
Not that I need a boyfriend now, I'm enough busy these days even without one and the worst (TOEFL, maturita) is just about to come, but...well, it could be amazing! :D

Let's see what will happen. :)
Oh, bittersweet unknown FUTURE! ^^

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