Sunday, January 07, 2007


I had a dream where I was horseriding & I was with my cousin in some wood or where....first at a beige sidewalk, then in our old horseriding club (closed already T_T). Amazing. O_O

I went to analyze it & see what I've got:

To see a horse in your dream, represents a strong, physical energy. You need to tame the wild forces. The dream may imply that you have been horsing around. Or perhaps you need to be less arrogant and "get off your high horse".

To see a black or dark horse in your dream (well, mine was terracota red), signifies mystery, wildness, and the unknown. You may be taking a chance or gamble at some unknown area. It may even represents occult forces.

To dream that you are riding a horse, denotes that you will achieve success through underhanded means. You lack integrity. If you are riding a horse that is out of control, signifies that you are being carried away by your passions.

To see the woods in your dream, represents life, fertility, rejuvenation, and spring. Alternatively, it symbolizes the unknown and unconscious. You may be discovering your instinctual nature.

Beige represents the basics, the essentials and the barest form. It may also indicate your neutral or unbiased position.

To dream that you are walking on a sidewalk, your steady progress and direction in life. You may be moving on to new walks of life.

What should it mean then? O_o
That I 'lack integrity', YET I 'have a steady progress & direction in life'? :P
Actually, probably yes, cuz even through all my cheating at the tests and being scattered, I know what I want & am (more or less :P) working on it. Mwaha.

The wood was of course a mixture of brown trunks, greens, dark greens & olive greens & even golds, as it was almost autumn:

Green signifies a positive change, good health, growth, healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, and serenity. Green is also symbolic of your strive to gain recognition and establish your independence. Money, wealth and jealousy are often associated with this color.

Dark green indicates materialism, cheating, deceit, and/or difficulties with sharing. You need to balance between your masculine and feminine attributes.

The olive green color symbolizes natural wisdom and Zen. You need to achieve peace in your environment.

Brown denotes worldliness, practicality, domestic and physical comfort, conservatism, and a materialistic character. Brown also represents the ground and earth.

The golden color reflects your spiritual rewards, richness, refinement and enhancement of your surroundings.

Erm, what about this now? O_o
That I DO 'need to achieve peace in my surroundings', I just agree. I also agree that I 'strive to gain recognition & establish my independance'...only it's not that easy, especially with 65Skk on my account!!!! That's like...not even 2 Euro! FUCK!!!!! @_# XD

I REALLY need a part time job...another one, besides my hostessing which is very irregular... But that must wait after my VSVU entrance exams. Sigh.

I'm going to cook myself oat porridge now (sounds disgusting? ^_~ Actually, it's yummy!) which is not only delicious but also great for hair & skin. :D

Oat flakes + milk ===> cook, then sprinkle with Granko or cinnamon/cane sugar. ^^

MY ELBOW STILL HURTS!!!! Uuuuaaaawwhgfhjhvghjcggf, I'll die! X_X Why does it hurt? @_#
Also I have period cramps but no period. I wish it'd come already, I can feel it's just around the corner....

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