Monday, January 22, 2007

LOTS Of Art & Design Today

I'm starting to feel like a depressed aspiring graphic design student.

Today me & madre went to the VSVU's Open Door Day (?) what means that all ateliers were opened to the public and the studennts were having an exhibition of their artworks.
I'll show you the pics tomorrow or on Tuesday cuz now I don't have too much time, it's past midnight & tomorrow I have school....

Anyways, I bought 4 Designums (design magazine) and a book about the history of contemporary design......I spent 3 hours with the students' artworks....they were so GOOD...and then, when I came home, I drew one PORTRAIT with pencil & one STILL LIFE with giocondas.

WOW!!!!! O_O

Pics tomorrow or on Tuesday as well.

Oh yes and why DEPRESSED? Cuz the quality of students' work clearly says that I HAVE NO CHANCE on Jan 29. :P Cenfad, my last & only resort where I wanna go anyways!! *_* ^__^

Oh, how I hate attitude like this!!!!! *fumes*
I'm talking to one dude on ICQ now.

Okay. An insight into the situation is required.
I have a profile on one stupid Slovak website full of posers in Hilfiger jumpers & Dolce & Gabbana jeans. Well, and there I just posted an "About Me" where I made fun of all these guys by pretending I'm a primitive ah lian critisizing the real *me*.....and there I also included a part saying:

"And she's a 1/4 Korean or what! She's gonna like it in that Kululalala Lumpur or where coz, u know, she's gonna have all those squinty-eyed riceppl ard u know! Brutally kool!"

Now this dude was like: "A KOREAN!!!! XD"
Me: "Well, but I AM a 1/4 Korean!"
Dude: "You silly girl! XD"
Me: "But I REALLY AM!!!!"
Dude: " I see it, you're a silly girl! XD"
Dude: "Or yes?"
Me: "Jesus Christ, YES I AM."
Dude: "Jesus, okay, sorry!"

*after a while*

Dude: "So you're a 1/4 Chinese?"
Dude: "Or a Japanese?"
Dude: "Or a Korean?"
Dude: "Or something, whatever from wherever??"
Me: "Typical European primitive atittude like Asia is all the same place. " *fumes*
Dude: "But Koreans are kool!!!"
Me: "Am I saying they aren't or anything?"
Dude: "We have a Korean car and it's a bit squinty but it's still good."

LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate people like this. Primitive assholes.... GRRRR. *bitches around silently*

I went invisible on ICQ and now I'm going to log off cuz I have to shower & get my beauty sleep, it's already 12.28am! @_@

EDIT: Akon feat. Snoop Dogg have a new song called "I wanna love you" currently aired on MTV. Today I happily downloaded it from LimeWire and found out that the REAL version is called "I WANNA FUCK YOU" and the lyrics are dirty like hell with something about wet pussies!!!!! OMD!!!!!!! @_# XD


Anonymous said...

This is to do with your last post about your blog being boring...

The way I see it, it is YOUR blog so you can right whatever the DUCK you want.. :D... who cares what other people think XD.. if they can't TAHAN it then thats their problem.

Anyway I read your blog :D that must count for something... On second thoughts... maybe it doesnt :( XD

Michie said...

Hahahaha what a kool reading your mind, thought by thought! :D

Yup, it's MY blog but it's not good if it's boring, issit? :P

Well, whatever.