Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not In The Best Mood

Today was a completely USELESS & ANNOYING day. I actually wonder how come I've survived it in a relative health.
After school me & Kucci went to the cinema to see Happy Feet, but I have to warn you that IT IS A COMPLETE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you expect a cute, funny, adorable movie รก la Ice Age, think again. Happy Feet is neither for kids, nor for the adults; it has no real plot, no charm and the characters are damn too realistics for a children's animated movie. The only one good thing was Nicole Kidman's voice singing the songs; she's really good! :) Otherways....Cannot tahan. @_@ It was pain in the ass and those baby penguins even weren't too cute!!! Blehhh.

I was really disappointed cuz I had expected a far better movie than this....and what's worse, I was counting on it in terms of making my mood better. Sigh. =_= Mission unaccomplished.

On other note, sayangku said she's gonna introduce me to Bryan! OMD!!! Finally I'll get to know some NEW DUCKS!!!! YEAAAHH!!!! ^___^
I'm so tired of this stereotypic life, I think I'd even appreciate getting to know Borat Sagdiyev, but BRYAN is a far better option of course. :D
He can cook, arr?? ^_~ Indeed, he's a boy that must be treasured in a dark purple velvet with golden embroidery. Hihihihi. ^^;;;;
I am booking him, okay? ^^v

We have a girl called Kate on our History of Art seminar and she's so........TALENTED. Seeing people like her makes me wonder if I'm any good for the Graphic Design.... I almost think I'm not. Just now I'm checking out the Limkokwing's Faculty of Communication where I'd like to go if (when?) I don't get to VSVU and Cenfad.
Today this Kate had a little assignment about Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings and she was reading his biography from an A4 sized paper with one Van Gogh's painting below, in the bottom part. I thought it was cut out from a magazine & just glued there but no.....it was Kate's own copy of Van Gogh!!!!!!!
I gasped and a minute later Kate's friend showed me another Kate's painting - a copy of one Salvador Dali's surrealist artwork origionally painted by oil colors on canvas and now, in Kate's version, with just colorful pencil and on paper......it looked the same. O_O

There are so many talented people around; sadly, EXCLUDED me.

It's a shallow thing but this Kate even looks like an artist because she is one. By 'looking as an artist' I mean that you can see that she has *her own* style, she looks just different....not like us, the crowd around. I've always thought that looking like everyone else probably also means that I AM like everyone else and here I'm getting it approved. *sigh*

Isn't it disappointing to learn that you're not an artist talented enough for Graphic Design SIX DAYS before the entrance exams????!!!! =_=''''

I guess I'll try out the Mass Communication, Marketing or I'll just learn how to be a pooperfect make-up artist with Alena. Hmmmm. ._.

I haven't seen S for such a long time already! *sobs*
I keep going home at the 203 trolleybus but sigh, he's nowhere. That's disappointing too! x_x I wonder if I'll get over him when I go to KL (if I will); I'm counting on this actually and I'm also counting on meeting some kool dude there and blahblahblah....*K-drama happyend, come to me, thankyouverymuch.*


I'm pathetic, hm?
Sigh, I know I am. =_=


Anonymous said...

Hey, there is a scholarship competition at Cenfad. Design Competition to be exact. You might win a full scholarship. The best part is that if you think you're not so good in arts, you can try their pre foundation courses. Try it. :) Xet

Anonymous said...

Check this out...
Relevant definitely.. I uploaded it so you can see it... See if you can find out what it means...

Michie said...

anonymous: Thanks for letting me know, I'll try it!!! ^__^

Seb: Okay! I'll check it out ASAP! ^^