Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are We Love Determined? O_o

I've been thinking:

How come that me & my future arch & designer girl friends ALL go for arch & designer like guys?
And how come that the poodle looking guys also look like my mother?
And how come that DD's preferance in guys clearly states that she likes guys resembling her eldest (and arch) bro?

Sooo amazing. O_o
Once I have read that daughters usually go for guys resembling their fathers or brothers and that's true in DD's case. In my case, of living just with my mother taking up also the role of the father, it must be that my preferance in guys will be, well.... I'll simply like guys who resemble my mother.

Glasses, curls.

HM? S, T, S-resembling guy No. 2? :P O_o HMMM?!

That thing with the arch guys is even more amazing, though. WHY is it, that us, aspiring archs & designers like guys working in the same field?
It's the same with other fields too. My aspiring economists friends like economists. The aspiring doctors like other doctors.



Isn't it amazing? :)

I'm asking all these questions out of blue because today I have been to the opening of an AFAD gallery with the works of the AFAD students.
Lemme explain.

I have days when I dress up like some careless ganja-smoking artist and today was a day like that too. In our Hilfiger-Lacoste-D&G school I naturally felt pretty out of place but when I had stepped into this gallery, I had found myself surrounded by other people looking like careless ganja-smoking artists and suddenly I felt so........HOME. ^_^

There were students of photography all in khaki green and with freaky hairstyles. Bearded professors in tartan shirts. Girls in black with messy dreadlocks.


*melts into a glittery lake of salivating and nosebleeds*

I saw three guys like these which were just....YUMMY.
You know how typical arch & design students look like? ^^

A bit longer hair (or shorter & artistically gelled up), wearing a stylish black coat, jumper under that and a scarf of *any* type. Most of them also wear glasses, mostly with plastic rim.
HOT HOT HOT!!!! *_*

There was one guy who totally fascinated me with his longer wavy, dark brown hair (S-style ---> determination? mother resembling??), long black coat and a freakily colorful jumper under that.

Seriously, seeing these arch guys makes me wonder if this love determination exists. Had I wanted to study, let's say, Microbiology, would I go for microbiologists? O_o

What do you think? O_o


Check out LEOBURNETT.COM. It's seriously the best website I've EVER seen!!!!! *_*


Ilkka said...

That leoburnett.com really was a cool website!!! :D

And talking about guys with glasses. Last Saturday I was in theater watching 'Some Like It Hot'. And there the woman, who was acting Sugar Cane (originally acted by Marilyn Monroe) said that she is crazy about men, that wear glasses! That men must definately have glasses... And that so reminded me of you! ^^

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I wanted to be a doctor. :x Up to this day, I still find doctors really hot. 8D Nurses are okay, but... I don't really go for guys who do the same things that I do. ._.;; Variety makes life spicier. ;D

- Justine :D

Scott said...

uhm, i dont agree with your theory.

Ducky Mia said...

Baibee: Ooooh yeeeaaahh, guys with glasses totally fascinate me! :D Maybe cuz of that aura of intelligence...? XD Still, MAI BAIBEE is da best! ;)

Justine: Variety makes life spicier, I agree! :D

Scott: Good to know! :P :D