Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dearest S, Thank You.....

....for unknowingly letting me & Kucci get to know your fav music club/pub/restaurant/cocktail bar called Head XXII. *kisses*


He wasn't there today, but yesterday Iv told me with a nastily funny grin of a lil' devil:

"S is in Head XXII with his friend....don't wanna go, hmmm?????? It's S!!! S!!!!!"

Gosh, EVERYBODY knows about my S-obsession.....except of my mother, I guess. XD Hahaha.

Well, yesterday I didn't go there because that'd be weird.....but today I persuaded Kucci & we went to check it out cuz the previous place we were at - the Film cafe - was SERIOUSLY boring.

This Head XXII ROCKS DUCKS!!!! :D ^___^
There's LIVE MUSIC there almost every single day (yesterday there was the progressive rock, today some old school rock, tomorrow will be live jazz...), great food, nice cocktails, cozy atmosphere & most importantly - NO FAKE PEOPLE.

I hate all those places in the historical BA centre with FAKE PEOPLE. Well, except of Melones, that's the only cocktail bar with normal visitors... In other restaurants/bars/pubs there are:

a) "the golden youth" AKA filthy rich & super cocky teenagers from head to toe in branded clothes (big logos 4eva!)

b) 40+ year old top managers tired from living this life drinking whiskey or wine or decently sipping to a cocktail

c) the tourists

We don't belong to any of these three categories!
Well, and this Head XXII is thus just for us (and for S & his friend apparently too?) cuz the people there were normal, nice, without Hilfiger logos across their butts, without platinum credit cards in their D&G wallets and they weren't 50 year old. :P

Thank you, S. ^^
I'd hug you for this, if I had that awesome opportunity!!!!! :D ^____^
*sighs & salivates*


I went home by feet!!!! HAHAHA!!! :D It took me about an hour! :P


No meeting/date with E today, it'll be DD came back & wanted us to come & celebrate her passing the entrance exams to architecture so I apologized to E, told him where am I heading & told him to go too.
He said he'll come later but he didn't! Grrrrr, asshole.
Then later I was SMSing him to come to Head XXII but he hadn't even bothered to reply. Whatever. -_-'''


Oooops???? 1.24am?! O_o @_@ I still haven't changed into my PJs, threw away the pile of clothes which is now at my bed to elsewhere (the mess in my room is UNBEARABLE already!!!!!!!) & washed off my make-up...
Off I go.
Maths tuition tomorrow!!!! T_T *bangs head on Bae Yong Joon's chest*

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