Monday, February 12, 2007

Argh, I hate Mondays!
We had the art course today but again we were doing nothing there.....seriously, I must STOP THE PROCRASTINATION cuz Cenfad/La Salle/Limkokwing don't accept procrastinators!!!

By the way, if anybody of my 0.000526 readers could nicely give me the first-hand info on La Salle, its students, the professors & etc.....I'd REALLY appreciate that! :)

It worries me on how am I gonna afford it all.
Fuck, I REALLY must start finding some part time job abroad, like, being the waitress in UK or something.

Is it just me or am I really only saying just what I have to do instead of listing things I HAVE already done?!

Let me list down everything & I SWEAR I WILL DO IT ALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

  • finish tidying up my room!!!!!
  • transfer pics from my cam to the PC
  • copy certain pics to friend's USB key
  • send certain pics to other friend via ICQ
  • look for a part time job abroad!!!!!
  • pay up my recommendation thingy by the English prof!!!!
  • make the Geo seminar presentation about the Southeast Asia for next Monday!
  • print out the Toulouse-Lautrec assignment for the History of Art seminar!!!! TMR!
  • wash my curtains
  • throw out EVERYTHING unnecessary
  • download April Snow with English subtitles
  • call Li Hong
  • draw, paint, draw!!!! LA SALLE & CENFAD!!!! ARGGHH!!!
  • study, study, study!!!! GRADUATION!!!!! DOUBLE-AAARGGHH!!!
  • tide up all the artistic items, cartoons, papers, giocondas & etc.
  • clean up the floor

WAH!!! @_#
I've never realized it's so much. @_@ Maybe I should start by cleaning & washing & throwing out everything; the CNY is coming afterall & that's a great excuse for me to bring myself to tidying up! :P


I've decided I should somehow get T. T is the S-resembling guy....the curly one, with glasses. Heheheee. It'd be great to have a bf! ^^

Also I've firmly decided on confessing to S prior to my departure to SG/KL (if that happens) in the form of a letter/card! Ha! :D
I'll tell him about my undying 7 year old love & then disappear to SG/KL without leaving any contact on me.

I *LOVE* Korean drama moments. ^_~

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