Sunday, February 04, 2007

No More Sweets/Insecure?/Busy

*Ah lian talk*

I'm banning myself from EVERYTHING sweet except of Chinese fried bananas in pastry with honey. I have already ate 2 kiwwiis & there's 1 more to go! :D
I have escema, my skin is DISGUSTING & I can't allow my butt to grow even more cuz recently I bought those size 38 jeans and I really wanna fit in them. =_=

That means from February 5th to March 5th.
Eeeeeeeek. @_@

I'm just talking to 小 Kafka who happens to be my blog reader & he added me to his MSN. :) First one to do that! YAY! :D Okay duckies, you, who read my blog, feel free to add me to my MSN (look at my profile for addy), I appreciate new ducks!! ^_^

I, he lives in China and he seems REALLY concerned about me better NOT going to study to Malaysia cuz as he says:

"at the risk of being labelled unpatriotic, china is a much better country than
malaysia in ALOT of aspects
malaysia is an OK country for leisure/holiday but
living there with all the inequalities and what have you, it's rubbish"

Waddya think?!
*feeling a bit insecure about my already crazy decision*

Most of my 0.0000569 readers are from Malaysia & Singapore so you duckies, tell me your opinion, okie? :)
Thanks! ^^

Kucci insists on me & Ilkka being born for each other. XD She insists on the fact that "Ilkka had always had a crush on me for sure" and that he'd be "perfect" for me. XD HAHAHA!!!! OKAY!!! I agree that he's PERFECT but hey! She can't say such stuffs or I'll believe her or something and then I'll come online & tell Ilkka:

"hey u sexy thing u make me veri horny u wanna cyber ok? u perfect 4 me, come hug me ok"

Poor duckyboy, I CAN'T trouble him like that. @_@ XD

But baibee, I'm booking you! If I book you in advance, will I get 30% discount on you? XD

You surely can't resist me. *dazzling smile*

Just quacking rubbish! XD

Off to study Society Studies...Philosophy is waiting. :(


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I dunno what Malaysia is like. :x But if it's like living in the Philippines, then I'll say that it's generally okay for someone like you to come and study. Well, you do have to worry about safety and stuff (like any other person in a foreign country, since foreigners are usually the targets of scammers and stuff :x). But I guess people would treat you nicely...? ^^ I bet Malaysia is nicer and cleaner than the Philippines, though. Just compare KL to Manila. -_-;; Have you seen Super Junior's "Dancing Out" MV? It was shot in KL, and gosh, it looks so much nicer than Manila. o_o;;

Plus, my godmother's husband, Danny, has been to all these countries before. (He's from London. My godmother is Filipina. ^^) He's been to China, the Philippines, the US, etc. And he says that China is terrible... It takes forever to hail a taxi, any kind of customer service sucks, and people are generally unfriendly to foreigners, mostly because they can't speak English.

Another one of my friends, Kristine (I've mentioned her a lot of times in my blog before) went to HK, Macau and China. She says that it was really hard to communicate with people in China. It took them forever to find a restroom when they went to a night market. :x

But I can't vouch for that. I've never been to China. ^^;;

Argh... Sorry I can't blab more, I'm supposed to


Ilkka said...

Ok, kyss me baibee, ok?

30% discount guaranteed!