Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

No time at all! HA! My social life is getting BIG again! :D

St. Valentine's with Li Hong, one Chinese dude (he wants to get to know me, WTP), on Friday I bake a poopy seed cake for Hong Hong, her sis, then on Saturday lady's night with DD & girls, then bowling with Li Hong at CNY...
Oh, and aerobics + salsa on Wednesday with Kika.
GILA!!!!! :D
Me likes this. ^^

Btw, La Salle had replied to me liao & I have to send them the application + portfolio + the required documents AND in case I get accepted, they'll give me a conditional offer; I'll just give them my report card after being accepted.
Also, they have only one intake & that's the one on August 2007. Hmm!


Keane's new song "Bad Dream" ROCKS DUCKS!
I looooooooove these hurt masculine voices trembling with love...aaaahh,.......

...and do I sound like on weed today? XD

Sorry, I'm sleep-deprived & cuz of the lack of normal food I've already ate TWO PIZZAS today!!!! @_@


My Sweet 16 with a GUY?! O_o Must go watch!


Audrey said...

if u move to msia i wanna meet u!

Ducky Mia said...

Oooooo Audrey! :D
BTW! I suggest we should give each other our MSN addresses so we could talk! You seem to be as gila as me.....although probably *I* will inevitably win ANYWAYS. Haha!!! :D

aud said...

haha add me kay aud001@hotmail.com