Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tick, Check, Tick

I've just completed my English CV for La Salle. :) Wahlau, I'm so proud of myself! ^^ Yesterday I have written my reasons for applying and today the CV....the only thing left are the reasons WHY they should give me the scholarship.
That's not gonna be easy to write cuz I have to prove that I'M DA BEST & that I deserve the money cuz there's nobody as pefect as I am!!!!

:P We know it's true anyways.

Hahaha, just kidding! :D

What else is on the La Salle checklist?

* Completed application in English (CHECK!'s a

* Passport-sized photograph (GOT TIME)
* Portfolio or
recorded audition (MUST WORK ON THIS AS HARD AS I CAN!!!!!!!!)

* Copy of academic transcripts in English (I'm under conditional offer,
will give them my graduation report card l8r)

* CV/resume & any testimonials in English (CV - CHECK! Testimonials -
soon to come)

* Evidence of English level (FUCK!!!! MY TOEFL!!!


I saw the S-guy #2 today at the bus stop. This is not T, this is the dude I saw last time before seeing S.
Isn't it weird how often am I meeting these S-guys?! O_o
Kucci says it's because "S in any form is my destiny" but I daresay she's WRONG. XD Haha, but I wouldn't mind that! :P

Btw, next time I will see T, I'm gonna invite him over for a tea to somewhere cuz he's a real cutie. A funny-looking cutie somemore! He looks like a brown poodle with glasses!!!! XD

(For credits CLICK HERE)

I would post more today but my PC is fucking slow & I can't tahan it! *fumes & bangs head*


But know what have I found out today?


I hope it's not only cuz he also resembles a poodle! @_@ XD

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