Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mad Retro Night/Guys Quack

I've returned from the Head XXII where me & my two girl friends went to check out theVALENTINE'S CARNIVAL which turned out to be a totally retro thing with 45 year old people in masks dancing madly to older disco songs!!!! HAHAHAAA!!!!! We had such fun! XD Nobody knew us....and I'm on one photo! :P :D
We were dancing crazily BUT the moment they started playing the sevond song from one old retro Czech pop-grandma, we left. Hehehehe. :D

We ran for the 212 trolleybus and after that I ran for the 203 trolleybus...and almost got locked in the underground passage. XD It was 10.55pm & they officially close at 11pm!

Happily unlocked I went to the bus stop, met an old classmate & S' SEXY BROTHER with whom I've talked all the way home. I think that from his side it was just a superficial one-ear-in-other-ear-out type of dialougue but I enjoyed it. :P

Fridays are always happening days in has the possibility of meeting either S or his bro. :D


I've realized one quite an alarming & retarded thing.
All the guys I have ever liked were either curly or Asian. There are basically just two types of guys I like and I can't seem to change this.

One type of the guys I like look like a POODLE:

Think S, S' sexy bro, T, James Morrison (he *does* look like a poodle afterall), Adam Brody...

The other type of guys I like are Asians and they resemble AKITA INU to me:

Think Bae Yong Joon, Choi Dong Wook, Kwon Sang Woo, Rain...

Ooooh, seems like I can be deranged like nobody else. XD

1.12am, lemme go to bed! ^^

Listening to: "Last Goodbye" by James Morrison

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