Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This letter full of love & sorrow & heartbroken feelings scared me so much that I'm just looking at the Singaporean art unis of which my sayangku hubooby told me about.

Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts.

LASALLE-SIA College Of The Arts Singapore.

I'll see, I'll see, I'll see.

Truth is that Singapore is a better city to study in than KL because it's relatively small, with a great public transport and with no ex-boyfriend. Wahahaha!!!!

KL or S'pore?
I'll know more after the interview with the GD dude who said that I'm an unpolished diamond. :)

I like both Singapore & KL, how can I choose? :P :)

By the price of the course I guess.

I must get to know how to get the TGD granted (Tuition Grant Deed) and then I should persuade my mom to let me study there for the full lenght of the course (if I get there)...then I'll HAVE TO work in Singapore for at least 3 years upon completing the course....wahaha, I'm soooo bad....just thinking of how to escape this winter. :P

I'll know more later though. Now I'm SO puzzled. @_#
Good night, ducky darlings....let me think this all over. :)


Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE? :D OMG, it's so nice there~ :D Erm, DongBang doesn't go there, but it's okay. :P At least Singapore is a nice, clean, interesting place. And it's culturally diverse. :)

Ooh. A new episode of your Kdrama, eh? ;D Ahaha. Why does it seem like our Kdramas coincide with each other almost all the time? :P


Ducky Mia said...

I knoooow, Singapore is perfect! :) KL too though, although certainly it's not that clean. :P

Yeah. This Kdrama. OMD!!!!!! @_# What was THAT about?!? I'll DIE!!!!!!!!!! O_o

Scott said...

beijing kicks ass! ich bin ein beijinger. :)

Ducky Mia said...

I know I know! Beijing may kick ass but I don't wanna go to China for my studies. :P :)