Monday, February 26, 2007

Aquarel(l?)ing Around

This Monday was less grumpy & annoying than the USUAL fact, it went pretty well with my Southeast Asia presentation being appreciated and with my 1st aquarel(l?) of my life being almost completed in like an hour. :D

I've painted...oh, you shall see, the lack of my English vocabulary doesn't permit me to describe it; too exhilarating! @_#
Just one thing, it looks very relaxing. Yaaay. ^_^

The only bad thing is, that I AM DUCKING BROKE. Argh! Got 70Skk in my wallet for the rest of the week, unless the Lady Diana's charity doesn't support me or what! =_=
(70Skk is like 2 Euro and exactly RM10. ARGHH.)

Midnight liao? O_o

I've spent my evening after the art course by checking out the shops in Polus and watching My Super Sweet 16, The Hills & The Laguna Beach.

Talk about primitive enterntainment! =_= :D

I like watching all those three series BUT it seems like my cashew-nut-sized brainie ain't capable of understanding *HOW* can those people be so fake & mean!!!
I get it, they're rich.
But why almost all those people function according to the equation RICH = MEAN???

I doubt I'd dare to throw out a former-friend-now-nobody-special-to-me from my BBQ party (if I've ever done any, hah)!

I admire this mean-ness (is that even a word?) though, cuz those people STAND UP for their opinions and they LIKE who they are. Slovaks should watch & learn!!!!

On other note, have you seen Christina's "Candyman" video already? :)
If not, watch it here:

(I hope it's *really* embedded, if not, watch it HERE.)

I love the perfectly created 40s styling!!!!!!! :D ^___^ She looks like the perfect pin-up girl (I LOVE pin-up girls cuz they're the epitomes of sexiness; unlike our average blonde playmates with big fake breasts) and I TOTALLY love the retro feeling it has! :D

Christina Aguilera rocks ducks. ^^ I like her more & fact, she's my fav singer cuz I daresay there is NO ONE as talented as her now in the pop music for Timbaland and Justin Timberlake maybe.

12.12am!!!! @_@
Must go wash hair. Sorry for no reply yet to your previous comments...I'll do it tomorrow! :)

LOVE YA! *kisses*

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Scott said...

try arctic monkeys.