Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day!

It's a stupid & unecessary celebration anyways. -_~
Or maybe I'm saying that only because there's no boyfriend who'd hug me today, give me flowers & tell me something pukingly mushy...? :P

S? S' saucily sexy bro? T? Bae Yong Joon? Choi Dong Wook? Adam Brody? Keanu Reeves? Johnny Depp?

WHERE ARE YOU, GUYS?! O_o XD You still can invite me over for a candle-light dinner, you know. Hehe.

Hmm, whatever!
Seb was SMSing me to update today cuz he's curious on how is my Korean drama going on but I must disappoint him by saying that today was a totally ordinary day.

The most exciting thing that has happened was getting 3 plus points at Maths & completing my "Reasons For Applying" for La Salle. AND THAT'S IT.

Oh yes & I've tided up my room!!!!!

HOOOORRRAAAAAAY!!!!!! *throws confetti*


I STILL haven't replied to my ex. I even wonder if I should reply.....won't a total ignorance better?
You know, just imagine that you write someone an obsessive 3 pages long letter and you're awaiting the get no reply for almost a month.....and then one day, you get it & it's a nasty "DUCK OFF FROM MY LIFE" kind of reply.
Isn't that TOO cruel? Shouldn't I just let it be?

Wahlau. =_=


I must be mentally retarded because when I REALLY want to relax, I read stupid info about PRINCE WILLIAM. Good website for that is for example *THIS ONE*.


Prince William.


One of my impossible wishes is to have sex with him one day. NO KIDDING NOW!~! XD Hahahaha!!! I'm no hypocrite pretending to be oh so pure and innocent....nooo....I'm an old pig....a virgin pig neverthless but a very perv one indeed! ^_~


I think I still want S. Or T. I keep thinking about them. KICK MY FEATHERS, SOMEONE!!!! @_@ XD


I KNOW THAT THIS POST WAS SUPER-RANDOM. I'll blog something proper when I have my thoughts sorted and tidied the only sorted & tidied up thing around me is my room. :P
Nite! QUACK! :)

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