Friday, February 02, 2007

An Unpolished Diamond

Sorry for the lack of posts but for the past few days anytime I've tried to quack here somebody messaged me at ICQ or MSN and then I couldn't concentrate anymore. =_=

It's been a happening & amazing time, these past few days! :)

Two days after my entrance exams mother told me that her friend met up with a guy from the Faculty of Graphic Design. That guy met up with him to discuss his own stuff but in the end he had asked about me as well and.
Turns out the guy said that if I ended up 39th from 109 other people and I wasn't trying too much, I might be an UNPOLISHED DIAMOND OF GRAPHIC DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said he'd like to meet up with me & I'm supposed to bring my portfolio as well, while he'll check out my works I have done at the exams again. The point of this meeting is for him to judge if I'm good enough for the Graphic Design field and he said that if yes, he will give me counsel & help me out for another year! :D

He doesn't know yet though, that I wanna go to KL; the Foundation year is one big 'counsel', isn't it? :) We draw & paint there all the time afterall. ^^

Cenfad is being bodoh recently though, they still haven't replied to two of my emails! >_< They better do or I'll change my mind & go to Limkokwing. *fumes*

Still, isn't life amazing? :P ^__^

One day I'm bitched at both by my art prof & by my mother for being a crap and few days later I'm the possible unpolished diamond of graphic design. XD

I find it tiring how my classmates (especially DD) are wailing that they don't have boyfriends.

DD also wails that our quiet, almost invisible, good-girls-with-straight-As classmates have found themselves boyfriends while we others are still unnoticed & single.
Yesterday I told her what my metal-liking-ugly-haired-alcohol-loving classmate told me, that he has a girlfriend and DD almost died on the spot.

Oh godness, and the best thing is that she's loved endlessly by one our mutual friend and few others like her as well. If she wanted to, she could get herself a harem! :P

I also find tiring how we all judge everyone. =_= Primitive, isn't it? I shall stop it.

The most tiring thing though, is how Kucci envies everyone's money. FUCK! She lives in a 120 square meter maisonette by the way...!
Whenever I complain that I don't have money, she puts on her bitchy, envious face looks at me with a dreadful hatred and says: "YOU are complaing?! YOU, with your 4000Skk per month?!?!"

(Credits to HERE - check it out!!!!!! There's explained step-by-step, HOW TO FOLD THE T-SHIRT FROM A DOLLAR BILL!!!!! :D I'm willing to fold it from the RM1 bill or from the S$2 I have! :D)

Fuck, I might be getting 4000Skk per month but my parents live separately and the times I've been through when their relationship was fucking up - I don't wish that to anyone! Grrrr!!!!

She's also pretty pseudo-snobbish & materialistic.....recently DD told her how she's gonna get her drivers' license at the driving school located in our school & Kucci exclaimed:

"There?! Oh gosh, have you seen their car?! That shitty Citroen?! That's a complete crap!!!! I wouldn't even sit in such a crap!"

Where had my nice, sweet Kucci gone? T_T

I bought new low-rise jeans yesterday!!!! ^____^ It's set, Pull & Bear is MY BRAND. :) Now I should get paid for this......haha..... But really, their clothes are the best, I love the designs, the color, the materials....and the prices are good too. No overpriced stuffs like at Hilfiger or Lacoste! There you pay for the brand, here you don't.
What's the most surprising, these jeans are size 38!!!!! O_O I haven't worn 38 since.....since I was in Malaysia. XD

European food makes one fatter!

These jeans are with elasthan or something flexible so I could wear size 38 too. :P
Wahlau, I feel so slim. XD

Enough crap! :P


Anonymous said...

Life's A Mystery! You gotta love it! :) (forgive me for my less than SUBTLE blog advertising)

PS: Saseong! XD

Anonymous said...

Congrats to being an unpolished diamond! Ahaha, that sounded wrong. o_o But you get what I mean. :P

But I'm not-so-secretly hoping you get into a school in KL so you'd be closer to here, so I can visit you. Hehe. :P I have another friend in Malaysia (Farah) and I'm supposed to visit her sometime after graduation. Or we're supposed to go to Seoul together. If I get the money. Heehee. :)

I dunno how big 120 sq. m. is. T_T;; How big is that, anyway? OMG, this just goes to prove how much I suck at Math. -_-

I'm a quiet, almost invisible, good girl with straight A's. But I don't have a boyfriend. T_T Out of personal choice, though. Ehehe. :x I mean, there are guys who like me, but I don't like them back. If I wanted to, I could get a harem... Of old, creepy guys. T_T About 95% of the guys who've liked me in the past 3 years were in their 20's. -_- And I don't want a boyfriend, if it's not going to be G. :x

But... Yeah. I've stopped obsessing about my lack of a bf. Well, it's partly because I don't even have the time to think and complain about it. Ahahaha. But hey, Mr. N's also single and he could get any girl he wants but he chooses to stay single. And I guess we share the same sentiments now. I find myself agreeing with him... We shouldn't take things seriously at our age. It's okay to flirt, as long as we don't get ourselves involved in shit. Relationships can be suffocating. :x

Yes to singlehood, no to relationships! XD

- Justine Shim ;D