Thursday, February 08, 2007

ANOTHER Unexpected Brand New Episode Of My Own Korean Drama

My life is so interesting for the past few days! :D

It started with *THIS*.
Now my Korean drama has taken a very unexpected turn with my art course friend E inviting me for a coffee on Saturday.

RENDEZVOUS? O_o *scratches head*

We were SMSing to each other when it happened.

Me: "Heeeeey E! Wazzup with your architecture entrance exams results?"
E: "Fucking terrible, fuck all the architects, they're assholes, aaaaaahhhh!!"
Me: "I'm sorry to hear that! :( But maybe it'll make you feel better that I ALSO wasn't accepted into the uni. :P Wanna try out marketing with me? XD"
E: "I know it for 15 mins and I got drunk already... I'm gonna go clean the toilets, fuck the uni!"
Me: "Oh PLEASE!!! You're behaving like a kid! It's not like the world is ending with you not getting into architecture! You can try it next year or just abroad where it's usually easier!"
E: "Okay, sorry, I'm really a kid. Nevermind.. Hey, why don't we go for a coffee on Saturday?"

I replied why not. :P
I wonder if it's a date?! O_o Hopefully not...I like E a lot....but I don't like him *THAT* much! @_#
Okay, let's just see what will happen. :)
I feel soooo femme fatale! XD

You think that was the end of my Korean drama?

Today I got a short & nervously pissed off email from my ex-bf telling me how he finds it pointless & stupid that our relationship ended because of some virtual non-existent conflict on MSN which hadn't even mirrored our real something...I don't remember what anymore. :P

*AHEM* =_=
No comment lah. I DON'T know what to reply to him at all. I know I have to reply to him though because if I don't, his parents & siblings will consider me a real asshole and that's what I don't wanna, cuz I really like them. :)
Stupid diplomacy. Grrr. -_-'''

This still wasn't the end of my Korean drama....
I've seen T today! ^___^
For those who have no idea who T is - it's a guy who damn much resembles S, my forever crush. :P
It's not gonna surprise you much when I say that I DO like T as well, right? :P I'm a really pathetic duck. XD

I looked at him briefly.....smiled just super-briefly....and went away because I was heading to the tram stop with UJ & AL. On the way there I couldn't resist turning my head around one more time and he was looking at me! :D ^___^'''''

YAY!!!! :D
I'm a CRUCHE FATALE! Hahaha! :D
(la cruche - duck in French)

It's an amazing & nice feeling of being so wanted but it's kinda headachy too because I really don't know what to do.... I don't know what to reply to ex-bf.....I don't know how to behave at the meeting/date? with E......I don't know how to hint T that it wouldn't be a bad idea if *he* invited me for a coffee as well....AIYAAAAH!!!!! @_# XD

I need some relax....I think too much.
Off I go to watch Girls Out Loud! ^^


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds very drama..ish... The slow-mo must look back moment! Classic. Im sure the wind started blowing and your hair whiped accross your face and leaves swirled up everywhere and a Piano started playing from no-where!!!
Keep turning heads!! :P

Ducky Mia said...

No nooo, no piano....but I almost tripped over a stone on the path! XD

Now THAT is romantic. XD